The Last Of Us' 20 Year Gap Leaves Elephant-Sized Gap For PS4/Vita Successor

"If you jumped on-board and bought Naughty Dog's utterly unmissable The Last Of Us then you'd be aware of the 20 year gap during the game's opening and introduction to the characters. When this is put under the microscope lots of room is left for a continuation of the critically-acclaimed title with lots of plot-holes that need to be covered."

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Destrania1824d ago

Sony actually leaves it up to their developers unlike M$.

abc12331824d ago

"it's possible that they may not continue the series after it was stated that they were "sick" of the game's success"

Please tell me you didn't take that article seriously O_O

brodychet1824d ago

pretty sure that was ruled as satire.

iamnsuperman1824d ago

The problem with this is what is the motivation to keep moving/keep the story going forward. It would be interesting to see how Joel deals with the death but at the same time if he isn't over it 20 freaking years later are we going to expect much character development in a prequel game.

The way the last of us is set up reflects the way it ends. It is its own story where nothing could be added to pad things out. It would ruin the tone of what the last of us was trying to portray.

Similarly in how I feel with the new inFamous game. I think there shouldn't be a sequel (even though I loved inFamous 2) as the fact there is a new one has lessened the impact the good ending had one me. Also like the Avengers film's big emotional bit being ruined by that Agents TV show. Lets not do sequels and prequels for the hell of it. It needs to feel right/fit within the game's world

Sevir1824d ago

I agree with you on every except for infamous 2, and the reason being is because of how the RFI couldn't have possibly kill everyone. The new arc or entry to Second Son stands and stands well because of the fact that Sucker Punch puts the emphasis on genes... And we know in real life people carry genes both dominant and recessive and pass them on to others in our blood line, it's why certain traits will skip 2 generations of descendant and then show up manifested in the 3rd or forth. And following that law of science it makes sense that a man made machine wouldn't be able to kill all the conduits and carriers of the conduit gene as intended.

On topic though, The Last of Us is a fully self contained story. And adding anything to it on the character development of Joel would be pointless. I totally agree. If they were to revisit this universe they'd have to find another character to talk about.

Pancit_Canton1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

NO. Leave The Last Of Us alone. The game achieved the Legendary Epic Masterpiece Status in the gaming world. Such game needs to be left alone and never be forgotten.

Lord_Sloth1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I think Ellie and Joel's story should be closed but the world can continue with other characters and stories to be told the world over.

And I want a game on Ish!

ceballos77mx1824d ago

I'm pretty sure well get at least a dlc story on Ish, just imagine the opening scenes getting on the boat or getting off it.

stuntman_mike1823d ago

I would love to see what happens to joel and ellie after the first game. But i would love to play as new characters too. Maybe they could mix it up or dlc.

Roper3161824d ago

I was kind of hoping for DLC to fill in some of the earlier happenings.

I would love to play as Ellie before she got infected. You & her friend would sneak out of the orphanage and head to the mall. That could also be where she gets her switchblade she carries. She smashes a case to grab it and defend herself from the infected that is attacking her.

Would also like one with Joel that leads upto him coming home at the beginning of the game. You could have all kinds of crazy things going on in town while he is trying to get home to Sara.

I would rather have a sequel if there is one to follow up on what happens at the end of the game with the conversation between Joel & Ellie.

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