Forza Motorsport 5 Preview (Gamerhub)

This is one ride you'll never forget.

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gamerlive1704d ago

This racer is shaping up to be very cool.

Yi-Long1704d ago

It will have even more DLC-milking than the prior ones...

... so I'll pass.

Don't get me wrong, I think they're fantastic games, but I just hate the whole milking-thing they've got going on with this series. It's the reason why I still haven't bothered to pick up Forza 4

(I bought Forza 1 full price, won Forza 2 in a competion, and bought Forza 3 for 8 pounds when it had the Ultimate Edition with all the DLC).

I love the games, but I can't support that kinda stuff.

JokesOnYou1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

The game is beautiful, superb physics, damage that really effects the driving, customization is unmatched, driveatars, autovista and Turn 10 continues to raise the bar with each iteration of Forza, its accumulated well deserved critical success in a short time.

Yi Long what are you talking about Forza4 was a racing game with a huge amount of content out of the box... It was complete you don't need the dlc to play countless hrs as it is. By you logic almost every game nickels and dimes us...maybe so but that is a choice. I play most of them and as Ive said many times I fully enjoyed them and I dont get the dlc. Its people who do that encourage this but thats another issue. Its a business and most games these days have dlc but unless its something that was cut intentionly to sell separate during the initial development then its not like its hurts the original finished racer has every car, track, etc, just as we can look back on any game and say well why wasn't all those maps in Halo, etc, lol most of the dlc (not Forza) are crap skins, weapons, a old map "re-done", a item here or there that doesn't "improve" the game experience significantly anyway.

Yi-Long1704d ago

@JokesOnYou: I agree with all that, yet I won't support such a greedy DLC-milking developer.

Just calculate how much you would have to spend if you want the complete Forza 4 experience. It's just ridiculous.

I simply want to pay 60-70 bucks and get a complete game, without being nickel-and-dimed 5 seconds after release.

Like I said, I LOVE the games, but I won't be a part of that.

malokevi1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

If you buy into that stuff, and have the perspective that its part of the full game, then its your own fault.

People always complain about DLC. I don't understand it. it's not free to develop, so why should developers give it away for free?

The point is that devs keep supporting the game with content, and enthusiasts keep supporting the dev to expand their experience. Only people who see value in extra content should buy extra content. Its really that simple.

Its additional content that you don't need to buy. I never buy DLC. I get the game, and play it as is. there will always be more than enough content to keep any gamer happy... and then there more if you want it. Win/win.

theWB271704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

What are they milking? The game shipped with 400 cars. You mean to tell me you raced every single car on the game? That's more than enough out the gate...most people don't even go through half of that.

GT....may have had 1000 but how many of those were variations of the same car?

AngelicIceDiamond1704d ago

Yi Long you my friend are a complainer, sorry but you complain allot.

JokesOnYou1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Yi Long again what are YOU missing? Ive been playing here and there since Forza4 launched and I've barely scratched the surface of 50 or so cars, you could spend a day just customizing and tinkering around with 1 car. If racings all you want to do its basically endless with 400 cars, hell you'd forget the first half by the time you went back to them again. I mean with all the game does you acting as if they sold you something unfinished is laughable, dlc exists for the die hard enthusiasts, they want them continue supporting the game by adding extra content that costs extra money so who do you think should pay for it the studio that is working hard for YOU, the people like me who are still playing and enjoying Forza4 without dlc, or YOU?

Yi-Long1704d ago

@Angelic: You're right. I AM a complainer.

That's because a whole lot of stuff can be much better than it is. Often without much effort.

Anyway, if developers want to battle the 2nd hand market, free DLC would be a much better way to make sure people hang on to their games, as opposed to nickel-and-diming them every 3-4 weeks.

LogicStomper1704d ago

So to sum up your comment, you LIKE the GAME but you're NOT BUYING it BECAUSE you DON'T LIKE DLC.

Let's put this into perspective. You enjoy playing the game (so it can be considered fun to play) BUT, you don't want to buy it because they're releasing DLC. Does this sound like a rather pathetic reason to not buy a game?

How about we look at the very basics of this. Why did you buy a console? Well of course, to play games right? And why do you buy games? The answer is obvious, because it's FUN. Now you have clearly established the fact you enjoy the franchise already so why would you not buy it?
It's like saying you're not going to watch a 10/10 movie because they're known to make more and more sequels.

So to me, your reason for not buying it is unjustified. I cannot however, force you to buy it in any way because you have the right to your money, not me.

(note:I'm not shouting with the caps-lock, I'm merely using it as an alternative of highlighting key words)

1704d ago
Yi-Long1704d ago

@FitZZ: You might want to buy a course in comprehensive reading, instead of DLC. You need it.

I don't like being nickel-and-dimed 5 seconds after launch. By ANY developer/publisher. Regardless of platform.

And like I said, I think the games are fantastic, so when there are 'complete' editions, I pick them up (which is why I haven't picked up Forza 4 or Horizon yet).

FordGTGuy1704d ago


All DLC ever released at launch for the Forza series has been free for everyone and this includes the content that will be released for Forza 5.

Some developers requires a revenue stream over time in order to justify the price of making or continuing to support the game and this comes from DLC. DLC is content created apart from the actual game so it is unfair to assume that buying a game automatically entitles you to work done post game release.

If you don't like DLC you don't have to buy it and those that do buy it don't consider it nickel and diming.

Animal Mutha 761704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

@ Yi-Long

I know you have got a lot of disagrees but I'm kind of with you on this one. I'm a massive Forza fan and play F4 online several times each week.

When F3 came out I bought all of the car packs during its run and invested a lot of money to have the best experience and I love cars. When T10 released the ultimate edition with all of the DLC included I was more than a little hacked off. At that point I swore to never buy dlc for forza again unless it was in a good sale or as part of a later released edition that I could pick up for free..

When Forza 4 came out I bought the Ltd collectors edition which included a muscle car and ltd edition car packs which were then available as separate dlc. I have since then not bought ANY dlc pack for the game as promised and I'm glad I didn't because:

- as theWB27 and jokesonyou states the game shipped with more than enough content and you didn't really need any of it.
- I think the car packs are expensive.
- the Porsche expansion should have been in the game. I don't buy the whole not having a license in time for launch story, I just think they wanted a large expensive pack that they know people will buy and suprise suprise the Porsche 997 is convieniently over powered for S700.

I agree with your milking assessment of the game because:

- New car packs were available almost immediately after the games release within a week or so and have been bi monthly ever since.
- They kept 2 tracks out of the game to be charged as dlc at launch.The test track and one other I can't remember.
- The car packs always have one or two good cars but the rest are shit.
- Charging more for buying individual cars is criminal.
- Many of the DLC cars appear to be too good in certain classes for mp which encourages people to buy to keep competitive.
- The Porsche expansion pack wasn't part of the season pass if I remember correctly and both were cheeky and expensive additions.
- You could buy VIP status. WTF is that if not a milk.
- Most of the monthly rivals challenges couldn't be completed unless you have a certain DLC car pack, rendering that feature almost useless to me and milking because it no doubt encouraged certain OCD players to buy a dlc pack just to be able to complete all of the challenges.

I agree with the other comments about dlc being a choice and not for free as I understand that extra work should be paid for. I just think there is too much of it aimed at encouraging a little and often stream of revenue. I do think some of it could have included at launch because it was ready and the whole model of a games life cycle now seems geared toward how much extra revenue can be generated before the next game comes out. I also strongly disapprove of any dlc that either effects performance in mp balancing or renders existing features mute (rivals challenges).

As for Forza 5 let's see how many add ons are available. If some are free then that is commendable although I suspect that it's supplier funded for the purposes of being a key launch title that has to make money out of a smaller customer base.

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Pisque1704d ago

This game looks good, but it doesn't have:

Dynamic weather
Realistic car damages
Day/Night Cycle

Unacceptable for a next gen game that has the pretention to be a system seller

Pisque1704d ago

Plus the game wont be ready when it's going to be manufactured, so the players will have to download a part of the game to enjoy it. It's a kind of an online verification for me, but eh.

darthv721704d ago

i never understood the need for the weather effects or night driving. That is great if you are trying to simulate the effects of driving but this is a game that is to be entertaining.

its about the look of everything on the screen and the control of the cars going xxx MPH/KPH. You cant be impressed by the vehicle models or environment if it looks dark and/or crappy weather.

If you want to be impressed by nighttime and bad weather...go drive a real car in those conditions. It aint all its cracked up to be.

Hercules1891704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

well atleast it has a stable 60fps unlike the other competition. You can get away with 30fps on a shooter or adventure game but in a racing game the fps is much more important than visual effects.

jp_footy21704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Hi, Driveclub may be 60fps at release.


Colzer011704d ago

^Keep dreaming

The game is 35% complete, and they have only 4 months to finish it.

They're already fully aware that there isn't enough time to make it 60fps. Even the weather system and damaged effect won't available at launch

Do you expect there's gonna be a 60fps-patch?

PraxxtorCruel1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Sorry, but what makes Forza ten times better than any other racing game out there in my opinion, is the limitless customization and tuning options. I had a go at GT5 and since I had been playing Forza for so long I automatically assumed that because GT is known worldwide as the best sim out there I thought all the features would excel what Forza had. How wrong I was to assume that. I love sim(ish)(nothing is 100% sim) with deep tuning capabilities and Forza offers this better than any other competitor. My gamer stats for Forza shows I've spent several hundred hours on the tuning settings. So says it all doesn't it as to the features I find important in a sim racer. Nevertheless, I hope that GT fans will be happy with GT6 and that us Forza fans will be just as happy with our Forza.

theWB271704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I love that argument, but lets look at this from a good angle. It's main competitor..GT and just for giggles Driveclub. This is what happens when you focus on the wrong thing.

It may not have dynamic weather but the whole game is in HD. Every car is modeled with the same precision along with every track.

Focusing on dynamic weather, GT doesn't even have half of the game in HD. Most of it was ported from the PS2 era. Driveclub, focusing on dynamic clouds can't even get the game to 60fps locked. Not to mention they don't actually have weather...just clouds. Hhhmm.

Driveclub has NO car upgrade system in all. The cars you get are the cars you get. GT..still can't even swap an engine. No decal editor...and paint chips to color your car.

Realistic car damage- I haven't seen a game that's doing that next gen. Plus GT doesn't have a significant damage system. That's putting it nicely. Have you heard the car sounds? Driveclub, as they've stated, won't be burnout but they will have a damage system.

Day/night cycle can be referred above...see when these games focus on superflous additions instead of making a complete game first.

AnteCash1704d ago

Driveclub is an arcade, and GT6 is a PS3 game....

theWB271704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Those games feature what the original poster said Forza lacks. So I'm comparing what you're missing when you include things that don't make or beak a game.

Forza 4 is a 360 game and featured everything I mentioned. A complete game that lacked day/night cycle and weather. But every car was modeled the same along with every track.

The game is what it is. The mechanics and premise won't change. The game will look better, they'll fine tune their handling. But the devs have already stated what the game will and won't have.

It won't have an upgrade system, weather may be patched in later and they stated customization is to differentiate car club symbols. It won't be what Forza offers in that category. I'm not dismissing it either. Im just stating how games focus on different elements and lack what another game does well.

Angeljuice1704d ago

He says commenting on the 35% complete code for DriveClub. We'll see at GamesCom what they've done since the early demo.

Don't get me wrong, Forza 5 looks great, a classy game on many levels, but I want to see the newest build of DriveClub before I dismiss it (I have a feeling there's going to be big improvements).

CRAIG6671704d ago

It DOES have dynamic weather.

Animal Mutha 761704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I love forza and I agree with you Pisque on all except the damage. The others should be in a next gen game. If GT can have day night and weather then a next gen title should have it as a basic. Forza is supposed to be a simulator after all?

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XboxFun1704d ago

Probably the best racer out there. Can't wait to get this game.

Lvl_up_gamer1704d ago

Way ahead of ya buddy

Already have it on pre-order.

Day 1

AutoCad1704d ago

Ya buddy, Ryse Dead Rising Forza 5 im going to be busy i tell you.

Convas1704d ago

Then the next wave with Quantum Break, Below, Sunset Overdrive and TitanFall, HNNNNNNG.