Nintendo’s Wii U Game Strategy Looks Familiar

In 2011, Nintendo released the 3DS. However, they forgot to give their new handheld any games. Sales suffered until that July, when Nintendo gave the system a hefty price cut. But that’s not all they did. In the ever important games department, they released a Zelda remake, 3D Mario title, and new edition of Mario Kart.

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thomasmiller1766d ago

Very good article, they are not going away, as much as the sony and microsoft pray to god that every night this happens, it never will!! it's sad they think this way of nintendo, I do not own sony or microsoft machines, but I don't hate every single one of their games, or everything that they do... some people need to get a life.

3-4-51766d ago

A lot of people who want to play LoZ, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Brothers, 3D Mario, Pikmin, FExSMT don't have Wii U's yet.

These games sell systems, mainly the first 4 I mentioned.

mcstorm1766d ago

I agree. I have a Wiiu but the only one out of the people I know that do but they all have said when super smash bros and Mario kart is out they were getting one.

smashman981766d ago

Just wanted to say. In the article the author says the 3ds was in worse shape in the beginning however I don't believe that's true the Wii u's drought is undeniably worse I own a Wii u and when I go to gamestop I can't find a single game I want
For the system and its been like that pretty much since November on the 3ds there was sf then devil survivor then Zelda and it was pretty steady

MNGamer-N1766d ago

I agree with the drought issue, it sucks. But you have to channel your inner self, and see the future. The future of excellent games to come.

mii-gamer1766d ago

funny how all the naysayers are not commenting. I wonder why?

ZeekQuattro1766d ago

Simple they are starting to see the similarities and it scares them. lmao