Top 10 Best RPGs for the Nintendo 3DS

Gameranx: "Gameranx takes a look at the ten best role-playing games that the Nintendo 3DS has to offer."

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Colzer011485d ago

Much better than a long-dead PSVita's library.

While Vita got so much a MH's clone (even SCEJ rip-it off), you can actually play the actual Monster Hunter on 3DS

InTheZoneAC1485d ago

and the vita has to do with this article, how?

1485d ago
3-4-51485d ago

long dead? IT's only been out a year.

Yodagamer1485d ago

Going on almost 2 years in japan and even then there isn't much there either.

PrimeGrime1485d ago

You can play actual Monster Hunter on PS Vita also. Simply download the PSP version. You realize Monster Hunter has been on more than just Nintendo systems right?

dark-hollow1485d ago

I wanna play shin megami tensi IV....
Damn you Nintendo and your stupid region locking ):

Locksus1485d ago

Don't worry, it'll arrive in Europe before long. Nintendo will be publishing it here.

dark-hollow1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

That's a all fine and dandy but why in the love of good keeping the region lock? I could get it even if the publishers didn't bother releasing it early in the UK.
Seriously someone names me at least ONE benefit of region locking!

Blastoise1485d ago

I know...they haven't even announced a release date