Deadly Premonition: From ‘So Bad it’s Good’ to ‘Life is Beautiful’

Twin Peaks. Bizarre. Humorous. Open-world. Survival-horror. Divisive. Cult game. So bad it’s good.

None of the above provides an accurate description of Deadly Premonition. Some of it unquestionably describes certain aspects, but nothing that summarizes one’s complete inherent experience with the game.

What is Deadly Premonition then, and why is it considered ‘so bad it’s good’?

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-Gespenst-1792d ago

It's not "so bad it's good". It's genuinely good. People are just too spoiled and brainwashed by all this triple-A bullcrap that they won't conceive of games being any other possible way than shallow, lowest common denominator triple-A graphics-fests.

The atmosphere, the sense of life in the open world, the great characters, voice work, and dialogue, the story, and the overall aesthetic of the world ("dated" I suppose, but an acquired taste and very nostalgic, and also sort of cleverly self-referential).

I'll admit the tps gameplay felt a little bit tacked on, and the actual levels seemed a little bit generic, but they were still fun, and helped break up the story a bit. As for the gameplay outside of that, I thought it was really fun. The game makes mundane stuff really fun and immersive.

Pozzle1791d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who genuinely enjoyed it, and not in an ironic "so bad it's good" way. I adored the characters, the story, the atmosphere, the town, etc. Even small things, like watching people go about their daily lives and York's stubble growing after time, were fun little additions.

-Gespenst-1791d ago

Totally, games these days could learn a lot from DP in terms of storytelling, character and world building, and immersion, and what's more, DP does all this in it's own videogamey sort of way, which is also important if videogames want to retain their own identity and not just become barely interactive CG films.

That said it does owe a lot to Twin Peaks, which everyone should watch preferably before they play DP, but if not, watch it anyway.