Nintendo Wii U Needs Pikmin 3 to Survive Against PS4 and Xbox One

Few own a Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo apparently doesn't want to give me a reason to get one as of yet. You invest in its potential effectively. Many haven't even considered buying a game since Lego City: Undercover came out in March (!). But Pikmin 3 is finally coming out in early August and it will make or break the Nintendo Wii U.

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FateoftheGame1824d ago

I think the Wii U's fate depends more on the Mario titles.

iamnsuperman1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I think its fate depends on its price. At the moment it is just too expensive when we have new (and more powerful) systems coming out that have a lot of third party games coming to them. Nintendo could release all the games in the world but it will not help as the price has to reflect that the Wii U will not get third party games and only first party

Wrote a blog here about it:

FateoftheGame1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I definitely agree the Wii U needs a price drop. Here's a piece I wrote about that a while back:

But the reality is that it definitely needs games that a lot of people want. To me, the success of the 3DS was due to both the price drop AND the cool games that keep coming out for it.

mewhy321824d ago

I think there's little doubt that Wii U's fate is in the hands of the Nintendo first party studios. I mean look back at Wii. It was all the Nintendo first party software that sold systems. If Nintendo doesn't get the ball rolling with some awesome fist party stuff then the Wii U may be in serious trouble.

lilbroRx1824d ago

They all of these analysis of "what the Wii U needs to combat Microsoft/Sony" are ridiculous. The Wii U simply needs a steady supply of games. That is all that it ever needed and it ever will.

Parapraxis1824d ago

That's true, but as a WiiU owner I'm not liking Nintendo's current approach of "better late than never".
Any titles that really interest me don't launch until 2014, and many people share this feeling. Nintendo is going to have a very rough holiday season given it's current and soon to be released offerings.

I'll probably pick up Windwaker HD and DK Tropical Freeze. Or save my money towards a PS4.

lilbroRx1822d ago

I don't believe so. They have Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World and a few other exclusives to draw attention.

Honestly, the only thing Nintendo needs for the holidays is better marketings. "What will you play next" is a terrible advertisement.

BosSSyndrome1824d ago

My thoughts after reading the headline: Well luckily, it has it.

shibster881824d ago

How on earth is this rubbish game going to compete say against battlefield 4 on the ps4 or any game on the ps4 lmfao, kiddies game

yugovega1824d ago

^someone must not like games that actually take effort to play.

Phil321824d ago

I wouldn't even bother. That was just an incredibly lazy trolling attempt, probably made to antagonize.

RAFFwaff1824d ago

why dont you go do something worthwhile with your life and join the REAL army and fight for your country, instead of hiding behind samey repetitve games glorifying war, all from the comfort of your mother's house while hiding behind your bowl of doritos?? idiot.

cherbhy1824d ago

Ah, yes how will Pikmin 3 compete with all these unreleased consoles with those unreleased games that are currently FLOODING the market? Wait, it won't have to.. until "holiday 2013." By then, hopefully, the console will already see an upswing in sales due to the release of WW, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, and probably slightly better versions of big third party titles like watch dogs, splinter cell, and COD.

Nintendo will be just fine. Why wouldnt you want them to be?

I bet they announce a price drop before the holidays.

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The story is too old to be commented.