Gross: Professional gaming not a real "sport"

Whether it’s game applications on a cell phone or first person shooters on the newest console, nearly everyone participates in video gaming to some degree.

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FateoftheGame1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I agree gaming is not an athletic sport, but the Olympics commentary in the article doesn't take into account certain Olympic sports that don't necessarily require physical freaks of nature. Rifle and pistol contests, for example.

Well-written article, though.

KillrateOmega1643d ago

"Whether you scoff at the idea of pro gaming or religiously tune in to the international DotA 2 podcasts, it should be generally agreed that at no point in the future should eSports be included in the long list of Olympic events."

Yeah. I feel the same. While I may put my full support behind the concept of gaming being a sport, I just don't feel like it belongs at the Olympics, a sporting event focusing on strength of body.

Mikeyy1642d ago

Correction. Call of duty doesn't belong in pro gaming. StarCraft is pro gaming.

These people have to be fast and use their brains. They have to know every unit and race inside out. Cod requires nowhere near as much skill.

TXIDarkAvenger1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I'm pretty sure Billiards is a sport. It takes skill, practice, and its very competitive. Pro gaming is pretty much that. So, I think it should be considered a sport, obviously not in the olympics but it should still be considered a sport especially because of how big it is thanks to eSports and especially LoL.

MaverickStar71642d ago

When it comes to competitive gaming, sport and athlete should be nowhere in the discussion. Now I get that "Esports
is a word that has caught on. But gaming is no more a sport than poker. Yes the mental abilities are tested, as well as hand eye coordination. The difference is the lack of physical endeavors that that actually defines what a sport is.

I do feel that gaming is a legitimate competitive activity. I'm not a fan of Starcraft myself, but I enjoyed watching COD and Halo tournaments as well as the annual EVO event. I think most people will agree gaming is not a sport, but the term Esports is probably here to stay.

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