For Some Children, War Is No Video Game

"But all my friends have them!" implored by 11-year-old son Derrick, arguing once again for the purchase of M-rated video games (for "Mature"). It was neither a new discussion, nor a new angle. The next attempt was equally familiar.

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Majin-vegeta1797d ago

The Movie Machine Gun Preacher actually details all this perfectly.I recommend watching it.

ravinash1796d ago

Good read and a good way of teaching yur children the real nature of violence rather than just a form of entertainment.
If the kid has a good understanding of what violence is and how it effects people, I don't have as much of a problem with them plays COD games, because they they will understand the difference.
Even so, I would still recommend keeping to the guild lines for the age restrictions. A lot would deped on the maturity of the child.

DialgaMarine1796d ago

The problem is our country to censor reality. We're okay with war in video games because it's seen as fake and nothing more than fantasy. Children and teens are completely sheltered from anything revolving around the real thing, to the point where they it is nothing more fantasy. Sorry, but War and killing is a very real thing. To hide from is to pretend it doesn't exist. In my own opinion, younger ages should be exposed to it somewhat (through books, documentaries, etc.) so that they can at least understand it to an extent and in turn understand that that sort of stuff should never be taken lightly.

SirBradders1796d ago

A really good dev needs to portray violence in a bad way one day.

For example make a game where you play a to be soldier but show the build up to the war and the reasons why he is fighting i.e. his towns or citys where bombed, innocents fleeing and dying and sadistic rule etc...

A game that will truly depict good between bad although some of you will say an eye for eye and the whole world would be blind but most big nations would jump to defend the rights to their people so it does still portray the whole good vs bad.

Really go deep in to the human psychology of it and bring other characters in you may lose on the way heck even kill of the main to show the true evils of war even after you have played with him and developed a connection with that character.

DialgaMarine1796d ago

A dev tried to attempt that with 6 days in Fallujah, but a bunch of bitchy civie f*cks cried to the point where the game had to be cancelled, because apparently anything that tries to portray real world issues in a realistic manner, to teach more than to entertain, are considered bad. God forbid documentaries on war.

ravinash1796d ago

I've seen plenty of documentaries or war, but I live in UK and New Zealand. So usally BBC and others are good with that. Is this what it's like in the US?

DialgaMarine1796d ago

@ravinash We do of course have have documentaries and BBC programs regularly shown on TV here in the US. It's not that these things are literally being censored, but that the general public (nicknamed the Mothers of America) is all for hiding that sort of thing from this nation's youth because it's violent and scary and bad for them. I'm not saying we should start recruiting kids and send them off to some war, but they should at least of basic understanding of it beyond a pitiful ass video game like CoD or BF.