God of War: Ascension Co-op Weapons Unleashed

The team at Sony Santa Monica has been working on an array of new Weapons, Armors, Maps, and more for your Champions. Today, we’re pleased to unveil a whole new set of Weapons made especially for executing brutal Co-op Moves.

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Majin-vegeta1671d ago

And people thought it was a new GOW game??Where the f*ck did they even get that idea??

OT:Can't wait to download them.

kratos_TheGoat1671d ago

can't really blame them a single player dlc is what real god of war fan will love to buy it.

Rhezin1671d ago

I guess people were just excited to hear of another God of War game, me included. One that focuses entirely on single player, and not this multiplayer DLC crap.

Ultr1671d ago

after the beautiful ascension multiplayer I welcome every News for it

FunAndGun1671d ago

Ascension's MP is amazing!

kratos_TheGoat1671d ago

Hater gonna hate God Of War 4 with kratos is day 1