Will it be easier to port from PC to Xbox One? "Yes and no," says Microsoft

OXM writes: "The other day, Aoife wrote a feature about the PC games she/we'd love to see on Xbox One, a list that somehow neglects both Stalker and Space Hulk. So how about it, Microsoft? After all, you're doing a brisk trade in Xbox 360 ports like Diablo 3, and the Xbox One architecture is closer to a PC than its predecessor. Bringing desktop titles across will be a cinch, right?"

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iamnsuperman1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

So not really then. Lets hope that one thing that changes this next generation that lazy ports go. I think I speak for every single gamer when I say to developers "Please kindly pack up and go if you think a lazy port is sufficient enough"

rigbybot1271795d ago

Yes, because I really don't want another "Red Dead Redemption situation".

windblowsagain1795d ago


Played both on both systems, overblown imo.

Rockstar games were made with 360 in mind early on.

This gen will be totally different.

1795d ago
dark-hollow1795d ago

The people who also should be worried are PC gamers. We very often get shitty ports like dark souls and GTA IV

Insomnia_841795d ago

Will Microsoft ever give a straight answer to anything XB1 related?????

ATi_Elite1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

"Will it be easier to port from PC to Xbox One"

porting from PC to XB1/Ps4 is the PROPER way! Always Port DOWN, not up!

PC = just make code and let the CPU-GPU Scale and Muscle through everything and Nvidia/AMD will optimize the game with a Driver update. Mods will make the game Graphically better and add content, Gamers will complain and Devs will fix Gamers concerns. Such a nice community where everyone is invovled!

Very Simple

Xbox360 = program sorta like PC (Directx Lite) but just tone everything Way down, like really way down then tone down some more.

Not hard!

XB1 = Program just like PC DirectX but you gotta pinpoint code out because of Move engines, Esram, and whatever MS will have the XB1 doing while gaming (SPYING on you). still very very close but XB1 will be doing other weird stuff that has a direct effect on resources.

I think the Esram will be the biggest issue then the Cloud services will just be a cherry on top type of thing that AAA Devs will Master.

But I really do enjoy the fact that XB1 has Cloud services to allow simple stuff to be Cloud rendered thus freeing up XB1 resources.


PS4 = Program just like PC using OpenGL straight on the GPU and just let it rip. Very Simple.

All in All still A whole lot easier than programming for the PS3.

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FrigidDARKNESS1795d ago

Of course....the architecture is very similar can do that in one day.

The cpu and gpu of the xbox one will be revealed on August 27 at thr HotChips Sympsium.

MariaHelFutura1795d ago

Is this the new date everyone suppose to wait for? First it was the reveal, then E3, then Ms dev conference, now it's Aug. 27th.

Got it.

dark-hollow1795d ago

MS didn't promise anything about revealing the exact CPU/GPU of the xbone.

Smoovekid1795d ago

"The cpu and gpu of the xbox one will be revealed on August 27 at thr HotChips Sympsium."

That is all you talk about.

FrigidDARKNESS1795d ago

Of course.....because folks still talking about two year old specs from vgleaks.

pyramidshead1795d ago

lol I've noticed that and his spelling always seems like he's drunk n_n.

Smoovekid1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I heard 8 core jaguar CPU 1.6 GHz and amd radeon card with GCN rated at 1.24 Tflops.

FrigidDARKNESS1795d ago

The gpu is custom gcn 2.0 designed by AMD /Ms/ibm . CPU based off a beef up AMD Kaveri.

XabiDaChosenOne1795d ago

Got a link for that or just more of that frigid darkness delusion?

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Einhert1795d ago

Games made for limited tech will never be ported well, just because they share the architecture will not mean every dev will go the extra mile to include all the features and options a typical PC game has.

FrigidDARKNESS1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

@dark-hollow the event is sponsored by AMD IBM and MS. This event talks about hi end cpu gpu for next gen PC. Xbox tech engineers will be talking silicon and architecture.

Antwan3k1795d ago

Sounds like Windows 8 type games and applications are going to be extremely easy to port over but graphics intensive AAA games that are designed to max out high-end gaming PCs will obviously require a large amount of work to port over regardless..

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