Stan Lee joins LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Roster & New Screenshots Revealed

Richard Breslin has some more LEGO Marvel Super Heroes goodness for you today. Comic book legend Stan Lee will be one of the cast members for the latest LEGO outing. Fans of Marvel and comic books in general keep a vigilant eye out for Stan Lee’s cameo appearance in the Marvel movies, in fact it’s always one of the first thoughts that spring to mind when watching a Marvel movie.

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barb_wire1822d ago

I wish this game would release already, can't wait to play this.. LEGO are one of the few games my wife will play.

The Meerkat1822d ago

you should have see how my kids reacted to the Hulk Stan. They were upset when I told them they couldn't get it now.

brianace1822d ago

The real story here is the presence of a minifigure Howard the Duck. Holy crap!

AceofStaves1822d ago

This game looks like so much fun. Can't wait to get my grubby Marvel fanwoman paws on it.

Myst1822d ago

Just waiting for a picture showing Mystique is in.