Treyarch boss gets "threats of violence" over latest Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 update

Gun balancing tweaks prove controversial

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dirigiblebill1307d ago

Good old Call of Duty, sowing amicability wherever you find it...

xYLeinen1307d ago

Had to google amicable, but now I can laugh :)

ala_7671307d ago

lol! I hope they would get threat bout getting a new engine and Dedicated servers

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3-4-51307d ago

Moved over to BF3 and the silence + strategy is very welcoming.

Nobody blasting crappy rap music over the mic ( I would appreciate instrumentals from the 90's though), people don't talk unless it's a strat but even then, the silence lets you think, plan, figure out as opposed to just running into nades.

T21307d ago

COD was a great intro for me into FPS , MW1, MW2 helped me hone my skills ... I'm not a new gamer but I never liked FPS much...
BF is the logical evolution of a FPS gamer. So many new skills to learn besides point and shoot. I'm never going back to COD now.

TheTimeDoctor1306d ago

killzone 2 had the best feel

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Roper3161307d ago

pathetic, glad I'm not a part of the COD crowd. What a bunch of immature cry babies. WAAHHH they balanced my gun and I'm no longer god like with 1 shot kills WAAHHH!

PopRocks3591307d ago

While obviously not all fans fit this criteria, this is the same fandom that boycotted Modern Warfare 2 for PC and bought the game anyway. Food for thought.

GraveLord1306d ago

What a hypocrite. If anyone is a cry baby here its you. Your comment is very immature and and makes false generalizations based on a select few bad apples.

MiasmaDodo1307d ago

If love a video game so much that you send death threats over tweeks and updates, you have serious problems and need to put down the controller.

Mikeyy1307d ago

I was hoping for more SMG nerfs, but instead we got sniper rifle nerfs nobody even asked for...

I haven't played in a few months but last I checked snipers don't really dominate match after match.

xruiner891307d ago

It's a video game. Violent threats? Really?

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The story is too old to be commented.