XCLUSIVE: Zynga’s Midcore Games and Solstice Arena Interview with Fredric Descamps

Not only did we get the chance to sit down with Bryan Pope to get our hands on Zynga's midcore games, we got some extended info on their new mobile MOBA title - Solstice Arena. The general manager behind the game, Frederic Descamps, talked to Heavy about everything from midcore games to what games he's been playing lately. Prior to joining Zynga, he served as head of publishing at Trion Worlds, makers of the popular MMO, Rift. Mr. Descamps certainly knows a thing or two about addictive gameplay. Check out our full Q&A session below.

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Voozi1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Pretty fun game for a quick MOBA fix when you're on the go since games last around 5-10 min. Too lazy to learn actual "builds" like on Dota or LoL though, so I just stick with recommended items like a pleb.

Still waiting on an Android release so I can play it on my tablet vs iPhone.