RuneScape 3: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know (Interview with Mark Ogilvie)

RuneScape 3 is receiving a substantial update that's going to definitely spruce up gamers experience with the browser-based MMO. Now that the game is making a major transition over to HTML5, more eyes and hands will be devoted to the development/play time for this engrossing MMORPG. We spoke with the game's design director, Mark Ogilvie, about the game and all the new improvements coming along with its third iteration.

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Hitman07691824d ago

this is an EXTREMELY social game. You won't find another one with as many people willing to instantly hang out with you. It can even be bizarre at times. Nonetheless, people love it and some of them will never leave it. Good on them for continuing to develop it instead of just milking it!!!

3-4-51824d ago

What is the deal with it being a browser game though? How does that effect gameplay or does it not ?