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Ryse Son of Rome Preview Interview With Crytek - Gamerhubtv

Producer Justin Robuy discusses the Ryse Son of Rome Xbox One game and new comic book at San Diego Comic Con 2013 in this exclusive interview. (Justin Robuy, Ryse: Son of Rome, San Diego Comic Con, Xbox One)

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gamerlive  +   552d ago
They need to get the gameplay right and make it more fluid and less scripted events.
dark-hollow  +   552d ago
I agree about this. Am not saying crytek games are bad at all! But they always focus on the graphics too much and gameplay/storytelling is their main weakness.
CRAIG667  +   552d ago
It's only the executions that have a "scripted" part in proceedings, but even then Crytek have said it's a skill based procedure with choice...
Eldyraen  +   552d ago
Actually they have shown other scripted moments outside of executions: shield wall and archers being 2 I can think of off the too of my head. I'm curious if they are required or if you don't do them it changes anything (less help by allies as they die) or if they are required you just stand there till you do it (which would be stupid).

The way they have described it is you are not just a soldier but a commander of soldiers and only seen a few examples but in warfare there are plenty of other possible scripted commands both for your character or his troop to follow.

Executions though look cool but not sure if I like all the button prompts which were bit distracting at times. They need a more subtle prompt for it IMO. Not a dealbreaker but it really stands out especially with multiple enemies on screen.
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Eldyraen  +   552d ago
I don't mind the scripted events--its part of what gives it its cinematic flare.

Some of the combat could be bit more fluid though as ocassionally it would be a little too fast or slow given the combat going on. Not a big deal though but alway something to nitpick about and animations are never going to be exact for all circumstances unless completely scripted.

I still like the cinematic look and can tell they were at least partly inspired by "300". I just hope its good as there is a lot on both sides of the debate. I like what I see (for most part) but as I haven't played it kind of hard to judge gameplay sufficiently based on videos and differing opinions.
golding89  +   552d ago
hmm this game has the potential to be a classic if done right.
Lovable  +   552d ago
Sorry but the developer isn't capable of that.

-In Crytek we don't trust!
CRAIG667  +   552d ago
You ever play FarCry? one of the best games EVER made, I can't even begin to say how many games have borrowed/ripped stuff off from that first game, it was near perfect.
Lovable  +   552d ago
I have FarCry 3. I thought it was ok. Got bored half way and let my friend borrow it. VAAS was a badass though can't deny that.
CRAIG667  +   552d ago
@Lovable FarCry3 was good however Crytek sold Farcry after the first game and they moved onto Crysis, as I say - Farcry 3 good, FarCry 1(PC) magic!
gedden7  +   552d ago
Is anyone actually looking at the gameplay??? I looks HORRIBLE. yes the nice graphics (texture, lighting, etc) but Damn Assassins Creed Combat (ON THIS GEN) Puts this game to shame.. Look at the how horrible the transitional animations are... God please help these gamers and devs..

Graphics aren't everything guys and gals..
Cmk0121  +   552d ago
i tend to agree the non scripted action like not button prompt moves looks like hes bouncing off the guy when he swings it lacks fluidity. have hopes for this game but for now it KI and watchdogs, and dead rising 3 at launch for me, and infamous second son for ps4 and few free to play titles like warfram.
edonus  +   552d ago
Now everyone is a gameplay expert...... able to judge games without touching them. Suddenly everything is scripted because the dev said there are some in the demo.

Oh my the combat looks extremely good, it has a cinematic feel from what I see. Its better than combo buttons really pulling of the same moves all the time. From what i have seen the from several different play through videos the combat moves change dynamically depending on position and just how you approach the situation.

Like I saw one video were the guy came in and bashed the enemies head on the on the edge of a wall then on another he dodged and slammed him. Then if you look close at the fighting you see the moves are actually really dynamic its very detailed and intricate like you see him blocking and countering and I like the emotion and detail in the enemy like when they swing and you counter and move behind them and they dont see you so when you stab them they are shocked. This is the bench mark for next gen. Please point out this horrible transitional animation I would like to see it.

You guys are so lucky the mods keep on banning me because I am to harsh on calling out the sony supporters BS for their bias and foolishness.
Lovable  +   552d ago
"This is the bench mark for next gen."

LOL. Nawwwww

Press triangle to do all that...but wait, you don't have to press triangle, it will do all that even if you miss pressing any button.

Also, LOL @ the Sony Fanboys being lucky comment. Get ready Sony Fanboys we have a BADASS right here. Oh Internet you never fail to entertain me.
gedden7  +   552d ago
"Now everyone is a gameplay expert...... able to judge games without touching them. "

But I guess you are able to do this??? Its plan as day. the animations IN COMBAT SUCK at this state and everything else is scripted...
Einhert  +   552d ago
The combat like I have said before is just does not look deep enough or even challenging.

Yes they are going for a casual market but for me as someone who likes challenging gameplay mechanics and techniques to learn this really does not look gripping at all.

Just looks like the average weekend run through simple cinematic campaign game.

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