Why next-gen horsepower needs to power AI, not scripted spectacle

GamesRadar - It’s a tragic fact of video games that some of the most important, coolest, most game-improving stuff in them is also the least superficially sexy and the hardest to sell. Look at the bullet-points on the back of your average game box. What do you get?

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Qrphe1796d ago

And it will. AI improves every generation, just like graphics.

turgore1796d ago

fear 1 still has better ai than many current gen games.

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Anonagrog1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I wholeheartedly agree.

I spent a lot of time researching and studying the AI in FEAR as part of my thesis quite some time ago. Put together by a guy called Jeff Orkin, it used something called 'Goal-Oriented Action Planning'. It was quite an ingenious way of doing Game AI. A lot of folks shy away from it these days due to the difficulty of using it during development. Either way, it's a great feat to have achieved for AI in games.

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sigfredod1795d ago

COD says no to your statement

1796d ago
Trago13371796d ago

Unfortunately, AI is a harder sell than scripted spectacles which is a damn shame.

trafalger1796d ago

if i play a game and i die, then restart from where i left off again and the same scripted sequences occur that isn't next generation gaming to me. i dont want the same experience over and over again.

ginsunuva1796d ago

Which is why they make the game as easy as possible these days so no one dies.

kewlkat0071796d ago

I think we will see some help from Cloud-Based AI in the future..

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Foxgod1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Theres plenty of company's out there that provide physics engines, i think it would be nice if there would be a company that would create an AI engine.

Right now every game has to reinvent the wheel, and has its own set of AI instructions created for it, it would be so much better if there would be an AI engine thats constantly improved and updates, that developers can use in their games.

Such an engine creator could even spent all their time and resources on creating personality defined AI, so that characters even seem to have a simulated personality.

The Robotics sector is already trying to jump this gun, by creating an universal OS for robots that will form the AI of any robot created, and can be modified to extend.
Bring this solution to gaming as well in the form of an engine that can be used alongside game and physics engines.

jessupj1795d ago

Stop the press because I completely agree with this post from Foxgod.

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