Titanfall – An Introductory Look at an Innovative Shooter

Gi - After the co-founders of Infinity Ward, Jason West and Vince Zampella, were fired from Activision, they founded Respawn Entertainment. The gaming studio will release its first game called Titanfall in Spring 2014 on Xbox One and PC. From what Respawn Entertainment has introduced to gamers through trailers and demos, Titanfall will be fresh, fun, and intense.

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Smoovekid1764d ago

Innovative? I'm not saying it is going to be bad, but how is it innovative.

iamnsuperman1764d ago

Urm because it has mechs in it /s

Smoovekid1764d ago

Have not seen those before. /s

Colzer011764d ago

It's a Titan vs Titan multiplayer, which has never been done before as far as I know

JokesOnYou1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I don't like to use the word innovative because it always draws the no effort response "bu bu that's been done before"...the problem with that statement is its almost always just a surface comparison, which means nothing since the early days of gaming is innovative anymore. That said I do believe that something that combines past seperate aspects of gaming and put together so well unlike any other game can absolutely be innovative on its that Titanfall?, maybe, maybe not; if not I'd like to know what other 1 game features many of Titanfalls gameplay mechanics, features, concept, style, and with mechs? No, I really dont think there is a game that combines what Titanfall does in a similar way but still I'd say that its less on the innovative side and more on the its just very different from other shooters side. I guess.

HammadTheBeast1764d ago

Colzer are you sure? Hawken, Mechwarrior, Steel Battalion, and many others come to mind. Not to mention the Max suits in Planetside 2 effectively simulate these mechs.

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j-blaze1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

to you guys, if this was a PS4 game, it's instantly the most innovative and the best fps ever

@ below

you, iamnsuperman and approx 80% of n4g

Smoovekid1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Who is "you guys"?

malokevi1764d ago

How anyone can dismiss this game, I will never understand.

for me, this is THE next gen game right now.

OrangePowerz1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I will get Titanfall, but I haven`t seen anything that was innovative. It`s CoD with Mechs and Jetpacks.

Edit: Also the people who go on about how great Titanfall is are probably the same people that complain about CoD, Killzone and so on not having destructible environments but they totally forget that Titanfall doesn`t have any either.

dc11764d ago

Please explain the invention to level set PS4 and XBox One gamers.

Is it large mech battles? Killzone 3 executed that very well (as well as jetpack combat)

Please, no fanning. Just looking for genuine discussion points.


HammadTheBeast1764d ago

Well, it's on PC, I'm getting it on PC, and I can say this has been done before.

Brink + Hawken + CoD = Titanfall.

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ATi_Elite1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Innovation = well kinda

I say Kinda cause I'm playing Planetside 2 and Firefall on the Glorious PC and they have infantry and Mechs on the battlefield simultaneously so Titanfall kinda doesn't have anything new to a PC Gamer.

I'm still looking forward to it as we have only seen a small sample of possibilities and I'm 100% sure Respawn has some goodies up their sleeves.

Hufandpuf1764d ago

It fuses singleplayer with competative multiplayer. So the story mode is essetially built into the multiplayer and can switch between AI and Human players at any time.

GameCents1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Sure but we have no qualms calling a freaking share button innovative.

@below: I just wanna know what the term innovative means to playstationers, because it never quite seems to apply to ANYTHING non-SONY and conversely almost everything playstation seems to qualify. . .

Smoovekid1764d ago

We are talking about Titanfall no need to get defensive.

PSVita1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Kz3 mech vs mech multiplayer.

Starhawk multiplayer mechs

No offence but Xbox only player miss out on ALOT then say "we aren't interested in PS exclusives". Then when MS or a 3rd party make a game like it they go crazy and fall in love. Look at: tomb raider(uncharted), dark soul(demon souls), kz3(titan fall), Ryse(God of War), Project Spark(Little Big Planet) etc. etc. there's nothing at all it but expand your minds people.

DoubleM701764d ago

Yes that why you should buy both system, so you want miss out on none of the exclusives from each system.

PSVita1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

^doublem70- I agree completely. At least know what's going on with the other platforms. I used to own a ps3 and 360 but gave my Xbox to a friend because I just didn't enjoy the exclusives that much but I always stay up on the news.

fermcr1764d ago

Sony master race are in full force.

As for Titanfall, day 1 for me.

Smoovekid1764d ago

I am not saying it is bad, I just think its not innovative.

Since you are getting it day 1 why don't you tell me why it is innovative.

fermcr1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I didn't say it was innovative. I simply said i would get it day 1. Titanfall looks fun as hell.

99% of games released today aren't innovative and the other 1% have some innovation (but aren't completely innovative). A game that's completely innovative is very rare to find.

1763d ago
Urusernamesucks1763d ago

Is anything even Innovative nowadays?

The game takes fps gameplay to a hole other level. Just watch the demo again

No other shooter is this insane.

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Godmars2901764d ago

The innovative shooter which doesn't do anything which is actually innovative. Doesn't really explain its world well at least.

I mean, from what I've seen of the game there's no real or background support structure for the game's mechs. They just show up on the battlefield while the troops come in on their own separate transports.

And supposedly Remedy's not even calling their mechs mechs. Are trying to distance themselves from the term.

Loki861764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

The story is being kept under wraps and they just showing off the features and action. They are calling them Titans because of how nimble and free flowing they are versus mechs which are traditionally slow and cumbersome.

OrangePowerz1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

The story exposition will be very lightgiven it's MP only and doesn't have a singleplayer campaign.

Convas1764d ago

Remedy's making TitanFall?

But I thought they were working on Quantum Break?!


thetruthx11763d ago

I'll tell you guys why it's innovative it incorporates a single player campaign story into a multiplayer game. The levels are designed to have areas for the pilots and areas beneficial to the titans. The Mechs are some of the fastest and most agile. Titans can catch bullets and yank a pilot out of his titan. Now while not everything I mentioned is new I think there hasn't been a game that has all of these things

Gaming_Guru1764d ago

All the game is doing is combinding Brink with Starhawk game play, i'm surprised people are praising this game so much and not games like Outlast. It baffles me when a game does something new it's hated, but when a game plays safe it's loved by all because they did not change anything.

Pinkdolphinyfg1764d ago

And starhawk is a combination of gears of war and metal gear solid. Because of its third person perspective and mechs. Brink is cod mixed with crysis because of crysis slide mechanic and shooting of cod. Your argument hardly holds any water at all because anybody can come up with said comparisons about any game. Ps i can tell you probably don't even own starhawk because it plays completley differently than titanfall its not even funny.

HammadTheBeast1764d ago

Actually..... mechs, jet packs, mobile infantry with RPG's, Mechs with lasers and MG's.

It's very similar.

Not saying it's bad by any means, but the general idea is similar.

thetruthx11763d ago

I think Outlast looks good too. I would buy it but I don't have enough money for both systems and I'm getting a xbox one

rigbybot1271764d ago

This game looks absolutely mindblowing. Definitely a killer app for the Xbox One, and one of my most anticipated titles.

Kayant1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

The only thing near innovative Titanfall is doing is making Mech gameplay more fluid and fast making Mechs more easily to harden. But we have seen everything it's doing before. Not saying it's not going to be good but we have seen must of the stuff they are doing elsewhere. Fast fluid 60 fps ---> COD, Mech gameplay ---> Hawken.

jetlian1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

only thing wrong with that Analysis is cod isn't vs hawken! which titan is! It could be fun just playing the soldier and beating titans

Kayant1764d ago

Yh I was just saying it's doing anything new we haven't seen in the FPS genre. But yh am pretty sure it's to be fun as hell from the gameplay we have seen.

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