RIFT's Free-to-Play Success "Far Exceeded" Trion Worlds' Expectations

GamerZines writes:

The number of players which joined RIFT after the MMORPG went free-to-play earlier this month “far exceeded” Trion Worlds’ expectations, according to a new interview with senior design director Simon Ffinch.

We asked the charismatic developer how much RIFT’s audience expanded when the game went free-to-play on June 12th, and even though he was hesitant to give us hard numbers he did give us an insight into how successful the relaunch has been and how the influx of new players benefits all involved.

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zeal0us1824d ago

Brought in more players and more cash thanks to cash shop. Its a good thing how players had pointed out some items may make the game P2W and Trion listen to feedback. Most companies would've pretend they were deaf and left it unchanged.

Insomnia_841823d ago

Any chance of this coming to PS4?

Coach_McGuirk1823d ago

is this a serious question?

Roccetarius1823d ago

Yeah, i'm kinda hoping that wasn't serious.

Bobbo441823d ago

Not usually a big fan of free to play games, but had been wanting to try Rift for a while so I gave it a shot. I'll just say this, I think the way they did the in-game store is really impressive. There is a lot of content, and it didn't seem like anything was ridiculously over priced. I think the most expensive mount I saw was like $10, whereas in Neverwinter the most expensive mount was $40, which is just too much. They definitely leave the game open to being truly free to play, but also offer enticing options in their in-game store. Really changed my views on free-to-play games.