Why Halo Didn't Need To Go Mobile

VideoGamer: "So, it finally happened: Halo went mobile. Cue the parade along streets lined with well-wishers as Master Chief waves from his float, kissing babies on the way. Or at least that was the perception a few years ago when nearly every conversation about Microsoft's juggernaut would somehow wind up focused on mobile: 'Nintendo has a handheld console. Sony has a handheld console. Why doesn't Microsoft have a handheld console?"

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EZMickey1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

With Microsoft investing in mobile alongside Nokia, one of the biggest criticisms has been the size of their App store in comparison to the Apple iStore and Android Play Store, even though those competitors have had the luxury of time to afford them the growth they've earned. So Halo Spartan Assault is clearly an attempt to reinvigorate their App Store with an established IP while showing that they consider it a priority to invest in this element that people have criticized.

Nevertheless, it wasn't wasted. I don't think the Halo IP has been devalued by this at all, as its still a decent game and the fact that 'decent' was a priority for them as well, is something I hold in high regard. However, I would much prefer a mobile Halo game than a Handheld Xbox. I seriously think the handheld gaming market doesn't need another dedicated device just yet and I don't see very many major publishers or manufacturers scrambling to make one when the mobile industry would appear so much more lucrative to them.

Now, while the PS Vita is slowly rising and planting it's feet firmly and the 3DS is dominating the market, I like Microsoft right where they are as far as handheld gaming is concerned.

Ultimately I disagree with this article. For Spartan Assault to be recognized as a good game, it didn't have to be a Halo game, but for the Nokia Marketplace to be recognized as a platform for notable content, it did and the goal was clearly to draw attention with a great game and not just make a great game.