Eidos Montreal GM resigns, cites 'lack of courage' at Square Enix

Eidos Montreal founder and general manager Stephane D'Astous has resigned from the company as of last Friday, D'Astous told Polygon this morning.

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Mr_Nuts1733d ago

Should of went to see the Wizard in Emerald City

Winter47th1733d ago

SquareEnix does seem like a bunch of assholes towards Eidos lately.

Need4Game1733d ago

Making Thi4f does requires lots of Courage.

3-4-51733d ago

Courage to do the right thing I think he meant, instead of these IOS phone games and other crap that nobody wants or wanted.

XishikiX1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

As a GM, it's hard to say how good he's done. He's done Deus Ex took 4 years which is an awesome game. And He's been in charge of Thief which has been a bit of a mess which would be my guess as to his departure (regardless of whose fault it was).

Office politics aside it doesn't bode well that the SE's only studio in charge of a 90+ rated game, that was a financial success, is now in a bit of dissarray. And the new CEO seems worse than wada, to me atleast.