New Beyond: Two Souls Developer Diary Brings You Behind the Scenes, Shows Gameplay

Sony just released a new dev diary video starring the development team behind Beyond: Two Souls, as they explain the procedures and design philosophy at the base of the development of the game and quite a bit of gameplay.

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fardan851766d ago

The game looks interesting enough to warrant a day 1 purchase. If the story is thrilling like Heavy Rain then I'll be really glad.
I wonder if it will be able to compete for GOTY against impressive games like TLOU, Tomb Raider, Bio Shock.

bjmartynhak1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It won't simply because of gameplay. People are still bashing about Heavy Rain. Beyond will suffer the same. Unfortunately.

Haters are always gonna hate.

Edit: already pre-ordered!

ANIALATOR1361766d ago

interesting to see Ellen Page as a goth

Einhert1766d ago

The military segments shown in the gameplay kind of threw me off.

I was expecting a more thriller like approach.

DigitalRaptor1766d ago

Quantic Dream games are all very diverse, for example, with each scene being completely different to each other, both visually, and in gameplay terms.

I wasn't worried at all with those unexpected segments. If you've seen the trailer, Beyond is going to be an amazingly diverse experience.

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