Best Bosses in Gaming

JoeP: "Bosses have been waning in popularity recently, whether this is due to developers preferring to conclude their titles with thought provoking narrative, or because they are simply unable to create an end boss worthy of their audiences, I don’t know. Chances are, it could be an entirely different reason, but one thing for sure is that, over the years, there have been a huge variety of innovative boss fights for players to overcome, new and old."

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PopRocks3591677d ago

"Devil May Cry fanboys never had cause to fear Ninja Theory’s reboot of Capcom’s beloved franchise, and although DmC’s bosses were kittens in relation to what came before, Bob Barbas is, by far and away, one of the most creative and innovative bosses in recent memory."

A Bill O'Reilly parody is innovative? I found it pretentious and stupid. Pretty much like the rest of DmC.

MooseyXTC1677d ago

The whole game sucked ass, but that fight was probably the most interesting facet of it.
Still, placing that fight over Vergil Fight #3?

CrossingEden1677d ago

"i should've been the one to fill your dark souls with LIIIGHHT"
nuff said, old dmc was just as if not more pretentious with the constant anime moral speeches

PopRocks3591677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Okay. Great observation. One moment of infamously bad voice acting makes the original Devil May Cry pretentious. /s

Look, both our points are subjective when it comes down to it. But don't try to tell me that there is anything redeeming about Ninja Theory's idea of "cool." Kamiya's idea of cool was style, sassy one-liners and cool weapons. Ninja Theory's idea of cool is apparently emo hair, shooting pregnant women and being a smarmy, unlikable douche overall.

DmC was garbage as far as I'm concerned and I'm glad it failed to outsell any of the games it was trying to "rebirth."

CrossingEden1677d ago

first of all, the emo thing seriously makes your opinion invalid,
here's a picture of what's considered emo
now compared to new dante and old dante, what looks closer to what's considered "emo"
new dante is based on the 80s punk movement
second of all
you think shooting a DEMON pregnant with the spawn of the KING of demons is a bad thing? ok, yes, lets let this thing roam around
http://images1.wikia.nocook... design
not to mention the hypocrisy, considering that in DMC4, dante does the same thing, kills a demon's children right in front of her, and shoots her while crying, but it's ok because it's classic dante right?
-weapon design
-character development
-boss design
all were great in DmC
hence the 1.1 million sales, the spot on capcom's platinum game list, and the second highest metacritic and positive reception since the first game

Brucis1677d ago

>platforming was good
It was buggy, glitchy and had no real depth to it.
A lot of the attacks aren't shown in move lists and are shared between weapons.
>weapon design
Not really, they were actually pretty bland. Arbiter was a white and red axe, Osiris(sp?) was a white scythe. How is that great weapon design? There's almost nothing unique or neat to them that makes me go 'That's cool'.
>character development
Not really. Dante goes from jackass who doesn't care about anybody but himself to jackass who kinda cares about one person.
>boss design
There was one good boss design and that was Bob Barbas, and as others have pointed out it was a Bill O'Reilly parody.
>1.1 million sales
Capcom's expectations were 2 mil and they dropped it to 1.2 mil, which by April 2013 they still didn't meet. In its first week it sold half of what DMC4 sold in its first week.
>second highest metacritic
Metacritic is horrible alone since it is just an amalgamation of scores. Or are you going to tell me the MW series truly are 85+ games? Also, the fan reviews were much lower, placing it at below-average to average.
>positive reception
It had almost none of that. Most of the 'positive reception' was people going 'It's actually not completely bad, just mediocre.'

If you like the subjective things, then fine. I disagree strongly, but fine, whatever. However, the objective things have been noted to be average and a step down from the series standard of quality.

PopRocks3591676d ago


I'm going to pick these apart one by one.

1. I don't really give a damn what's considered emo. If emo was a crap word then fine, the design is not emo, it sucks. Not to mention how stupid looking Dante was in the teaser when he looked EXACTLY like the game's narcissistic director. I don't care what music it was based on, it was a crap design. He looked like shit in my opinion. If you have to get pissy about a subjective opinion then go back to school.

2. There are two very big differences about those scenes. That demon thing is akin to Poison Ivy, who actively tries to kill the hero USING and EXPLOITING her so-called children. The woman who is killed in DmC just happens to be a bystander in the entire conflict owned by a powerful pimp and she received the most cruel death. BUT IT'S COOL RAIT GAIZ!?

3. 1.1 million sales means nothing if it was incapable of coming close to selling as well as ANY previous Devil May Cry game including DMC2 and DMC4, the ones hailed as the weakest DMC games.

I don't give a shit about the Metacritic scores since the critics never supported the series in its prime. The FANS did. Ninja Theory and Capcom stuck the biggest middle finger into the fans' faces, the very fans who supported this series and MADE it popular. Screw Ninja Theory. THe creators of DMC had the right idea.

kratos_TheGoat1677d ago

no god of war 3 bosses in this list.

izumo_lee1677d ago

What none of the bosses in Shadow of the Collossus? That whole game is epic boss fight after epic boss fight. It should be at least in the conversation.

GenericNameHere1677d ago

The Elite Four as bosses? Come on! Yeah, you have to fight them all without stopping and without healing (except for healing items), but there is a true boss... S/He's called the Champion -_-
After defeating 20 Pokémons, your Pokémons would have definitely gained a few levels to match the Champion's, but they still provide a challenge.

Sad to not see Poseidon from God of War III make the list. That fight was brutal, looked freaking sweet, and would kick your butt on higher difficulties just a few minutes into the game. One of the best opening boss fights too.

Tzuno1677d ago

have you ever meet mp10 arcane bears?

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