Top 8 Most Impressive E3 2013 Titles

In the last relevant year for the PS3 and Xbox 360, gaming has seen masterpieces of technological prowess such as The Last of Us, and later GTA V, push the PS3 to it’s absolute limit, but even with these swansongs, there are still very potent limitations to the hardware, and it’ll probably never get bigger and better in terms of scope than GTA V. That’s why this upcoming eighth gen can’t come soon enough.

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1767d ago
TechnicianTed1767d ago

It's missing some Dark Souls 2.

rigbybot1271767d ago

That is the case. It's gonna be amazing, but it still hasn't excited me enough to put it on a top 8 list.

TechnicianTed1767d ago

Use my excitement and stick it in your list!

You have a different list to the one I would have, but I can appreciate why you would be very interested in the choices you made. The Witcher 3 is at the top with Dark Souls 2 for me, The Witcher 3 looks incredible.

rigbybot1271767d ago

I would, but I can't; it's already published.

TechnicianTed1767d ago

Can you publish it again, but with a different title? You could call it 'Top 8 Most Impressive E3 2013 Titles plus a game TechnicianTed likes very much'?

rigbybot1271767d ago

By far the most creative title I've ever seen. Regardless, Dark Souls II is going to be awesome. I just hope they don't butcher it by making it more accessible. I don't mind that they made it more accessible, so more gamers can enjoy, so long as they don't flush the series' integrity down the toilet.

TechnicianTed1767d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, although I think a lot of this 'accessible' talk isn't what the devs actually mean. They know the fanbase loves the challenge of the games, and also how deep the game can be. I think what the devs are trying to do is just make the actual learning curve, by means of the tutorial section, something that is more solid than previous games.

I don't think they will make it easier, just easier for a more casual person to get into the game.

That's what I think they are aiming for anyway, I hope.

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BosSSyndrome1767d ago

Great list but I'd add X.

medman1767d ago

This poor author's list is a complete joke. No The Division? No Infamous Second Son? No Watch Dogs? No common sense.

rigbybot1271767d ago

The Division looks okay, but nothing we haven't seen before. Watch Dogs looks great, and Infamous Second Son looks fine; I just hope it's better than the previous ones, which weren't the greatest. Please, make a list, so I can see what your thoughts are.

greedybear881766d ago

MGS 5 and Infamous Second Son