Counter-Argument: Nintendo Sizing Up Atlus Acquisition

Atlus are in a spot of hot water, but who will be the one putting out the flames?

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Funnymonkey0131823d ago

I hope Sony buys them persona is really a ps game and its where it should be not Nintendo.

MrMister1823d ago

It's entirely possible since Persona4 is one of Yoshida's favorite games of all time (he said Chie is his fave character too). Plus "Aniplex" (a company owned by Sony Computer Entertainment) produces and distributes Persona 4 The Animation and the upcoming Persona 3 movies (which will be in multiple installments)

So Sony certainly has a foot in the door. All that talk about Nintendo buying Atlus is cute. There isn't a shread of evidence. Just a phony article. Besides Nintendo banned "The Binding of Isaac" for religious offensiveness. I don't think games like Catherine or games where u fight against Yahweh/God will sit well with them (assuming Nintendo wanted to buy Atlus like all these fake articles claim).

Tunavenom1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

"I don't think games like Catherine or games where u fight against Yahweh/God will sit well with them." 

What about Xenoblade?

Donnieboi1823d ago

One thing is for sure. If it wasn't for that fake article about Nintendo buying Atlus, then this never would have blown up. But the internet has caught on to the lie now. Good facts u pointed out there, though.

Either way, multiplatform is still best. Plus no worries of it being censored or watered-down. Especially if whatever 3rd party buying them ACKNOWLEDGES that they won't water it down.

gamer421823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I remember seeing this article with the list of companies Index owed money to. they seem to owe alot to Kodokawa and nintendo and it also seems they owe some to Aniplex (Sony) and Sega. So it seems those for are viable options to sell atlus to.

Since Atlus has a long history with Nintendo and Sony, the two companies should be familer with Atlus' quality work If either one decide to buy Atlus it wouldn't surprise me. You can have an opinion on who Atlus should be with, but you shouldn't completely rule out nintendo's likeliness to buy out atlus

EngieBengie1823d ago

JUST because of Persona? Versus Nintendo's mainline Shin Megami Tensei, Trauma Center, Etrian Odyssey, Snowboard Kids, Soul Hackers and Radiant Historia?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1823d ago

If they can, Nintendo should.

-But Atlus would be a great acquire for any company even for a Tablet content maker.

XboxFun1823d ago

Nintendo should definitely pick them up. They would be the best fit for this company.

TongkatAli1823d ago

I hope Gung Ho buys them.

MrMister1823d ago

Best 3rd party option in my opinion. Lots of money ($14 billion worth) or more, and everyone wins if on all systems. But I get mad that this rumor even started about Nintendo in the first place over some lame site. And to say nintendo is the BEST choice? That's like saying Nintendo is the best choice to buy Rockstar. Just no. Maybe people think Nintendo is a good choice, but it's FAR from the most ideal. Especially with the fact they have a strict region locking policy, and will conflict with Sony (Aniplex) who financially produces and distributes Atlus's films and even their game soundtracks.

EngieBengie1823d ago

Atlus isn't the same thing as Rockstar. Rockstar is an american company specialized in american AAA games, something Nintendo doesn't focus on for the majority of the time while Atlus is mostly JRPG something Nintendo is more familiar with. Not to mention, Atlus' relationship with Nintendo ship dates back to the NES days and has been pretty good while Rockstar and Nintendo are pretty distant. So, this comparison is bad.

MrMister1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )


Your the one who is making the poor comparison. I was comparing Rockstar and SMT based on their controversial games (just like how not all R* games are always controversial, the same goes for Atlus--but a good number of them are).

But your talking about comparing what region they come from? That doesn't correlate at all with what I was talking about.

I understand if you dissagree, but I feel like I am wasting time arguing when you missed the point entirely. I'll only respond to those who apply logic, even if it doesn't always agree with my opinion. But I can't be bothered to engage in a conversation with someone so baseless. I haven't the time or the patience to lower my intelligence to engage in a conversation With someone who is attempting to misconstrue my words: Your comparing apples and oranges--Your Not exactly the sharpest knife in the cabinet, huh mate?

contradictory1823d ago

all this talk about Nintendo buying Atlus...
this'll be interesting...

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