Playstation Vita: A Love Story

Junkie Monkey's Forgotten Prophecy tells the story of how he ended up buying a Vita when he went shopping for a 3DS.

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remanutd551641d ago

I love my psvita, i play it more than my ps3, games i love on the system: Little Big Planet, Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, Gravity Rush, Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD, Sound Shapes, Uncharted Golden Abyss, ModNation Racers Road Trip.

PopRocks3591641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Glad you enjoy your Vita. I'm hoping to get one myself too (probably after a price drop since I'm tight for money). I just want some more games that aren't already available on PS3, you know?


In my opinion if I can access my game on PS3 I would rather get it on that platform. That way I can play it on either through cross-play. Then when I leave my home, I have Vita exclusive games that I can't play on my PS3.


As a matter of fact, I have a free copy of Motorstorm Vita and several Playstation One Classics waiting on my PS3's hard drive for my Vita purchase. I'm just looking for more exclusive games (Tearaway, Gravity Rush, etc.) to justify the purchase.

bjmartynhak1641d ago

I get what you ask. But there are also those games that (imo) fits better the Vita than the big TV screen, like Rayman, Guacamelee, Sly Cooper...

iamnsuperman1641d ago

If you have PSN+ just get the games they release just incase so when you do get a Vita your PS vita will have games pouring out every port

TongkatAli1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Gamescom might be the place they announce a price drop, but even if they do drop it wait for three games that you want for it then take the plunge.

Gravity Rush not on the PS3

Soul Sacrifice not on the PS3 made by Megaman's daddy

Muramasa Rebirth not on the PS3, but on the Wii with no future content

Tearaway not on the PS3

There is more, but f it, you get the point.

TongkatAli1641d ago

You can also get it used for as low as 160$. The hardware is high quality and very scratch resistant, but like every electronic gaming device its a dust magnet if left on the counter.

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MazzingerZ1641d ago

Just got an email from SONY, some bundle with 10 games + memory card is now offered at least in Scandinavia...This what they meant some days ago with HW iniciatives to push the PSV sales

but it's seems to be early as retailers still havent updated their websites so don't know thw price yet


Tiqila1641d ago

Ys 7 is all I play with my vita these days.

Firan1641d ago

I love that PSP game.

Pillsbury11641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

While I love my vita this begs the serious question: will this be the last Sony handheld? With so many people turning to mobile games with the convenience of already having a phone will we see big sales in portables like before? Mobiles graphics are starting to jump in leaps and bounds and it won't be long before we see console quality on mobiles. Do you think Sony will shift more to mobile years from now?

Protagonist1641d ago

I would imagine the next generation will be as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, but much much better.

Pillsbury11641d ago

That's what I was thinking. A Sony Xperia vita is what Sony will offer next, a subsidized phone/ console. The Xperia play is good for emulation but lack of support and low graphical power hinder its potential.

xxPillsxx1641d ago

Don't know, but I prefer handhelds, I use my phone for phone stuff, not gaming, at last only to kill time. Handhelds have button, that makes it a LOT easier and closer to console experience, if mobile starts to have buttons(no not the number buttons, the buttons to play games) it would turn into a handheld anyway, I don't like playing big games without buttons and only using touchscreen, it's annoying and hard.

dcj05241641d ago

Personally I think they did a good job with uncharted and I love persona 4's gameplay. It improved on all the complaints I had about persona 3. 3DS games just aren't my piece of pound cake. Sonic and pokemon thats it for me. All of the titles I bought or got for free on ps+ are at minimum good and at maximum fantastic. If the Vita was $200 and the memory card price tags were MUCH lower than it would be literally a steal.

dcj05241641d ago

And if I didnt already have a vita I would get it for GOD EATER 2 alone. Its looks amazing

Protagonist1641d ago

@Forgotten Prophecy

You should click the PS Vita section on N4G some more, then you would have known Gravity Rush and Uncharted are free with PS+ ;))

Anyway glad you enjoy the PS Vita: the greatest handheld gaming gadget ever made.

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