Dead Rising 3 "Nightmare mode" has classic timed events

Executive producer Josh Bridge confirmed that players will be able to choose a “Nightmare” mode that will have those classic timed events you loved from Dead Rising 1&2.

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jc485731793d ago

this is not a good sign. while they have stated that they have built both, it sounds like they did it just for the sake of making it easier for gamers. Timed Events is now an option, which should be the other way around.

1793d ago
Festano1793d ago

The possibility to choose the game mode is interesting, I did not understand how you use the Kinect in this game.
I do not expect anything but get your hands on!

BattleTorn1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

One of the Kinect features is being able to shout to distract the zombies.

This feature will have more downside than advantage, cause it means if any of your friends see you trying to sneak around, or being stealthy - they can blow your cover by just talking to you.

"OOOH! IS THIS Dead Rising, the game that HEARS you"


Another is being able to wack Zeds off your car by swinging the controller

BattleTorn1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I usually like harder difficulties, such a Ranger mode for Metro:LL.

But I loath Timed misssions! It was always one of my biggest gripes with the previous Dead Rising games.(and it was a godsend when they removed them, in OffTheRecord(?))

The game is a Sandbox, and if I want to play with a harder difficult, for as long as I like, I should be able to. Limiting my play time to 20mins, just the amount of time I'm playing, cause I'm not always playing to reach the next mission.

I wanna know how Nightmare mode is more difficult, not how it is shorter in duration.
I will most likely be playing on the hardest difficult that doesn't have time contrainst - I hope there is one.


Can anyone clarify if there's a difference between "Timed Events" and the entire games freeroam being "Time
Limited". IMO, having freeroam always timed kinda ruins the definition of freeroam - as in take your time, explore where you'd like (for however long)...

ceedubya91793d ago

It seems like "timed events" is basically normal dead rising style: You have a certain amount of time to do whatever you want before the next event happens that moves the story along. At that point, you've done everything that you needed to do to progress the story, or it is game over. In the case of this game, the world is still free roam either way, but you have to force yourself to stay on task in order to reach certain goals before time runs out.

I definitely like having the option to do either, and I can see myself doing a playthrough of each mode. Really looking forward to this game. Day one for me.

jc485731793d ago

I doubt this game is going to be as good as the first two games. Timed Events need to be mandatory before anything else.

Einhert1793d ago

I always hated timed gameplay and I always will, just hate the feeling of being rushed.

BattleTorn1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Especially in a freeroam game, where you want to explore, or just literally waste time fighting zeds.

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