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David Hayter Addresses Keifer Sutherland Stealing His Solid Snake Role

The voice of Solid Snake will be different in the new Konami game. The original man behind the voice of Snake, David Hayter, addresses the casting of Keifer Sutherland in Metal Gear Solid 5, in this exclusive interview from Video Games Live at San Diego Comic Con 2013. (Culture, David Hayter, Metal Gear : Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, San Diego Comic Con)

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allformats  +   768d ago
He didn't steal anything. It was Kojima's decision. Furthermore, Hayter, Kojima and Co. seems to be playing games with us.

I have a feeling we may yet hear his voice in MGS5.
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assdan  +   767d ago
I agree, I feel like Hayter is making a really big fiasco about it. I think he's going to continue being solid snake and sutherland will be naked snake. It would be confusing having Hayter as both roles.
Mounce  +   767d ago
That's not the problem. Whoever the idiot is who made the video doesn't know the fucking difference between SOLID SNAKE AND BIG BOSS.

Keifer is BIG BOSS! Not Solid fucking Snake >_> There's absolutely no evidence of whether or not Keifer will voice anything revolving around Solid Snake.
Did I miss the part where David said "steal"? The title makes it sound like David outright dissed Keifer without warning, on the contrary he praised his acting abilities and was only answering a question... SMH.

<3 David Hayter, you'll always be my Big Boss/Solid Snake
gamerlive  +   768d ago
I don't like Kiefer's voice for Solid Snake.
ANIALATOR136  +   768d ago
Big Boss you mean. and I don't like Keifer as Snake but it won't stop me buying the game
ForgottenProphecy  +   768d ago
That's how I feel about the game.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   768d ago
Me neither but then again he isn't voicing Solid Snake.
crazysammy  +   767d ago
lol @ your disagrees...
Mr_Nuts  +   768d ago
Same, he was basicaly Jack Bauer in the game...not Big Boss. Thats the problems with Hollywood actors in games you think of them more to the character they've played the most on a TV show or Movie then the actual character. Thats why I liked David Hayter...he is Snake.

Even if they replaced him with a no name actor or even Richard Doyle I would be fine with this but they didn't.

It was like Kojima thought

"Oh getting Kiefer Sutherland will defiantly help me boost myself in the Hollywood scene....oh but David Hayter will be devastated.....oh well...f*** him"

Not even a simple call to David...the guy who has played the character for 15 years.
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Joe913  +   767d ago
This is why I disagree first off if you see JackB when you hear snake in MGSV something is wrong with you maybe you shouldn’t play games anymore if you can't think past a voice to get into a game second I think it’s all bs or Hayter is the biggest puss in the world how has he not talked to Kojima you telling me he this vocal on twitter and in these interviews if he feel he got fired or someone stole his job but he hasn’t confronted Kojima yet I don’t believe that I think if he was going to talk all this crap in public he would have at least called Kojima and gave him a piece of his mind. But if this is not a joke then he might have got himself fired from any future MGS games if Kojima was going to save him for Solid lol but like I said before I think he will return for MGSVI or a MG remake. And for all the ppl that said it don’t make sense why didn’t he use Doyle again that’s because he didn’t want old Big Boss just an older than Hayter Big Boss and I said this before when MGSIV came out Hayter said doing the old Snake messed his throat up so getting him to do an older Big Boss could ruin any chances of him coming back as Solid then ppl really would cry.
Mr_Nuts  +   767d ago


I love it with die hard Kojima fans get p***** off....it's funny :)

The people who think he can't do no wrong when he has
Septic  +   768d ago
I don't like Hayer's voice. I was playing MGS3 over the weekend and he just sounded silly. My brother just kept on laughing at his voice acting.
Harkins1721  +   768d ago
So 2 people define a fanbase.....? Congratz.
Septic  +   768d ago
Where did I say anything to that effect??

I just said I don't like his voice acting. Calm down.
Darrius Cole  +   768d ago
Not Solid Snake, Naked Snake, more commonly referred to as Big Boss as others have pointed out.

I don't think this means that Hayter is out as Solid Snake. Kojima may have just wanted greater differentiation between Naked and Solid.
Mounce  +   767d ago
I'm rating you down for not even knowing the difference from Big Boss and Solid Snake too....

Too many New People showing interest in the series ever since the bloody fucking e3 2013 Trailer....and 90% of these New people with newfound interest are completely ignorant of the series and don't even do research in the slightest....

The series has been around for a lonnnnng time now, I find it hard to believe that even if someone hasn't played each game, they at least know that there's more than one character. It's like COD fans likely playing every single COD game and thinking you play the exact same person even with the year-differences of WW2 and Modern Warfare (You play as an old man, shhh)
Becuzisaid  +   768d ago
It'll be distracting to hear Jack Bauer as Big Boss, but the game is going to be awesome regardless.
zeroskie  +   768d ago
I get the feeling that Hayter, Kojima and co. are playing the long troll.
Einhert  +   768d ago
Have to agree with gamerlive, kiefer sounds really generic american to me with his voice acting.

David hayter had a certain charm to his voice.

Still buying the game either way
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Donnieboi  +   768d ago
Generic American? Who else sounds like Kiefer? Nobody. Even if u don't want him for Snake, fine. But his voice is far from generic sounding. Is "24" your only impression of America?
Einhert  +   768d ago
he sounds the same as jack bauer which is a put on gravelly american voice.

So yeah he sounds generic and seems to completely lack any sort of range.
karl  +   768d ago
I think he did a terrific job for the trailers... everyone hates him just cuz hss jack bauer i have never watched 24 and didnt have a problem with his voice
mgszelda1  +   768d ago
@karl your basing his voice on two lines of dialogue? We haven't heard him speak enough. My biggest concern is if Kiefer is going to b part of the series from now on how much budget will go to him so he is happy
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karl  +   767d ago
Your argument is ok but it goes both ways... many are already disliking him for the same few lines in the trailer...

although those few lines were good enough for me.. lets hope its better in the final version of the game
I'll rent the game for PS3 as this Metal Gear Solid doesn't looks like it will be worth buying. It will be on par as the worst Metal Gear Solid(MGS2) anyway considering MGSV is already confirmed to have crappy voice overs. It would be better to play the game with Japanese voice overs if possible.
CrossingEden  +   768d ago
smh from this post
-the game is being mocapped and voiced by american actors, so the voice over is gonna be japanese, not the other way around, but power to you if you prefer bad lip sync
-troy baker and kiefer sutherland are you idea of crappy voice actors? wow, you must have extremely high standards OR you're just being a nostalgia fanboy angered at the possibility that someone is more talented and believable than david hayter
ohcatrina  +   768d ago
I feel like this video was titled in a controversial way in order to get hits, but David will always be my Snake.
raiden-49  +   768d ago
Yea it should be "David Hayter Addresses Kiefer Sutherland taking over his role as Big Boss".
Etseix  +   768d ago
there are many Snakes, Naked Snake, Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake.
That's why people keep making mistakes over and over again, they all think "Snake" it's only "Solid Snake"
no one is taking your Snake haha, Hayter- Solid Snake hasn't been replaced, it's Naked Snake the one getting another voice, :)
Braid  +   767d ago
To be fair, Hayter did the voice acting for Big Boss in three Metal Gear Solid games, namely, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Portable Ops and Peace Walker. So he actually is kind of getting a new voice, but the only redeeming factor of the change is that Big Boss will be 50 years old in the Phantom Pain section of the game.

I'd like to think that when he was young he sounded like Hayter, when he was old he sounded like Richard Doyle and when he was in middle-ages he sounded like Kiefer Sutherland. Your sound changes naturally as you get older so that's how I'll try to rationalize the change.
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Etseix  +   767d ago

I have the same idea as you,
and before any other fan outhere says "but Soild Snake on MGS4 had the same voice!"
well, "Old/Solid Snake" had a problem on his body, thats why he looked so old, so fast- , thats why his voice shouldn't be changed, not a problem.
Braid  +   768d ago
I think Mr. Sutherland will do a phenomenal job with the voice acting of Big Boss and it'll be a nice change as the character in the game is also changing/turning to the dark side, so he will actually be helping us feel that the Big Boss in Phantom Pain is developing himself into a totally new person. Besides, he's a multiple Emmy winner actor, who else could be a better option to replace David Hayter?

However, David Hayter is a super cool guy. He did wonders with the Metal Gear Solid 1 (the original) and I think it's still one of the prime examples of how you do a PERFECT voice acting in a video game. Not to mention he'll ALWAYS be the Solid Snake in my mind. I think I can appreciate the change for this game but seeing Solid Snake talking in another voice would be an instant off-putter for me.

Godspeed to you, David Hayter. Fans will never forget you, no matter what.
danpan11  +   768d ago
This guys are playing with us, Kiefer will play as Big Boss and Hayter is playing dumb. I'm pretty sure the game will show Solid Snake and Hayter as the voice. Kojima always does that kind of shit and we always buy it.
vazurahan  +   768d ago
I hope they already announce on Gamescom on when Metal Gear Solid 24 is coming out.
Shad0wRunner  +   768d ago
He looks smashed in this video, lol
crazysammy  +   768d ago
I was sorry to hear Hayter was no longer Big Boss, however I do think this is, as someone said earlier, a long troll. They are setting up something bigger.

Also during the long gameplay trailer there was one point where I swear I heard Kiefers voice, and it sounded exactly at the middle point of David Hayter and Richard Doyle. It may have been my mind playing tricks but I heard him crossing the gap between the characters and I am excited more than ever.
AJ Hartley  +   768d ago
Could be that Keifer plays one of the failed clones and Hayter is still Solid snake.
amobius  +   768d ago
People need to chill about hideo's decision to change big boss' voice actor. Yes its a change but change can sometimes be good. Even if hideo is epicly trolling us or not im sure mgs5 will be amazing. Also since when did hayter start sporting a ponytail? kinda reminds me of the one the snake has in the e3 trailer probably just a coincidence though.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   768d ago
The title is misleading, Kiefer is to voice Naked Snake aka Big Boss and not Solid Snake.
blackstrr411  +   768d ago
Jack bauer does impossible things = BigBoss does impossible
breakpad  +   767d ago
ok ... Kiefer was a nice addition for a change ..but i didnt like the mocaping of Kiefer ..the man has no relation at all with the character of snake in face characteristics ...Kojima just conviced by stupid holywood guys
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DDDGirlGamer85  +   767d ago
Enigma_2099  +   767d ago
What makes me think "something's up" is the fact that this apparently happened without his knowledge. I seriously have a problem with that, and I kinda don't think Kojima wouldn't tell him.
DethDabs420  +   767d ago
Why isn't there any new news on MGSV? It's been a month at least and nothing has been released. There was almost a new article every couple days for like 2 months straight now nothing
DDDGirlGamer85  +   767d ago
I dont play MSGgames, Not my cup of tea but I do know that Big Boss and Snake are basically clones or one is or something convoluted that makes no sense, so technically there the same person, So it doesn't really matter. Fanboys...geez
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