5 killer Xbox One and PS4 features that no one’s talking about

Tablet integration and cloudgaming have been incessantly heralded as the saviors of the Xbox One and PS4.. While they both have a lot of potential to expand the medium, plenty of other important features are slated for the Xbox One and PS4 that haven’t received nearly enough praise.

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allformats1704d ago

I'm taking my approval back. We've been talking about all these features for months now.

abzdine1703d ago

this article makes non sense to those who have been following the gaming news for a few weeks now.

I am really happy for the instant on feature! I love it on Vita and PSP.

malokevi1704d ago

1. a disk drive
2. plastic
3. cables
4. an ethernet port
5. a cool hat

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Maddens Raiders1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

1.) Video sharing
2.) Instant-on
3.) Audio chat
4.) Remote play
5.) Mandatory hard drives

That's it. Everyone's been talking about this. Welcome to 2013

Given the fact that the X1's hard drive is non-replaceable while the PS4's is upgradeable and swappable is technically another "killer" feature that they failed to leave off their list, not to mention the additional game recording time for sharing, and the marked differences in overall power with a $100 price difference, wireless headsets w/ no adapter vs. a headset with, and game controllers sans batteries, etc, etc; advantage PS4. I digress.

I swear times it seems as if some people in game journalism are purposefully trying to ignore glaring differences just to make this all seem more "competitive" than it actually is and write more "compelling" articles that just....aren't.

I suppose to the non-concerned "casual" gamer and tv watcher this stuff is worthy of their interest. ok I get it.

SniperControl1703d ago

@Maddens Raiders

Dude, you have just touched upon a subject i have been banging on about for ages on here but, the Xboys just brush it under the rug.

MS supposedly want a digital future, where games are downloaded to the HDD. Yet MS supply the X1 with a non changeable piddley 500Gb HDD, that thing will fill up in no time.

I guarantee you are not gonna have a digital future with 500Gb.

_LarZen_1704d ago

50$ less here in Norway...but no one is talking about the price difference here it seams.

People will buy whatever they want regardless of the price.

But then again the economy is strong here.

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mewhy321704d ago

100.00 less. That's a big feature!!!! That bought a game and extra controller with a little to boot.

miyamoto1703d ago


1 year PS+ subscription with tons of instant free games collection like Drive Club and indie games
a PS4 launch game
an extra gorgeous Dual Shock 4
a spanking new PS Eye

and I have lots of reasons to believe M$ is gonna shove that TVTVTV/Cable subscription down peoples' throats whether they like it or not on top of Xbox EVIL I mean LIVE...

iamnsuperman1704d ago

Some of these things are not "killer features" as they features with the 360 and PS3 launched.

On the remote play thing we just do not know enough about it. I wrote a blog here about how dissatisfied I was with the remote play between the Vita and PS3 because it wasn't implemented very well (i.e. hardly any games supported it). Now Sony are saying with the PS4 it isn't up to the developers to do that (standard) but before we talk and rave about it we need to see if that turns out true

The instant on thing is a good thing but when we talk about features it is always how one has it but the other doesn't or one does it better than the other. If both do it it isn't really a feature that will get talked a lot about because both do it. Now we will have to see if one does it better than the other

nukeitall1704d ago

Remote play is likely to stay pretty crappy due to the limitations of internet connection. Most people's upload pipe is a fraction of their download pipe.

That said, why isn't remote play a system level feature on the PS4 that is automatically applied to all games?

Why is it something a developer has to implement?

Furthermore, why aren't developers balking at a feature that cost them to support, yet can only be used with an external handheld that cost $250 that very few people has?

Minato-Namikaze1704d ago

At this point more people have vita's than they do PS4's.

admiralvic1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

"That said, why isn't remote play a system level feature on the PS4 that is automatically applied to all games?"

Maybe it is, but it requires some effort to work. I doubt there would be a way to just flip a switch and now every game streams perfectly.

"Why is it something a developer has to implement? "

Because nothing is ever as simple as it sounds? Take trophies / achievements for instance. Sure they're some "stupid" and "pointless" add on that "no one cares about", but developers still need to decide and implement when these things are set to go off. Even then some developers can't get them to work properly. The most recent example being Hotline Miami.

"why aren't developers balking at a feature that cost them to support"

The word you're looking for is publishers, since they're the ones paying for the game to be made. As far as why, well most developers / publishers aren't whinny babies that ***** and moan about everything. It also costs them money to do things like PATCH the game, yet I've never heard a person go "Deal with it" (thats not to say it doesn't happen, but no one has openly stated they wouldn't over cost if they had the money / it sold fairly well) because they didn't want to foot the bill.

ShwankyShpanky1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

"why isn't remote play a system level feature on the PS4 that is automatically applied to all games?"

You have absolutely no idea what the hell you're talking about.

"Sony's Yoshida confirms all PlayStation 4 games will work with Vita via Remote Play (with some exceptions)"

(those "exceptions" are games that require the PS4Eye, Move, or other specialized hardware)

Remote Play on the PS4/Vita is implemented at the system/hardware level. The only thing the dev has to "support" is how to apply translated implementation of the R2/L2/R3/L3/DS4-touchpad controls.

Also, Remote Play works over a LAN, so internet speeds won't apply. Playing my PS4 from the bedroom, back deck, or the crapper without moving my console is pretty appealing. As far as over-the-net Remote Play, there's this thing called "compression," but obviously we won't know how well it works until it's tested in the wild.

miyamoto1703d ago

yeah spin spin those lies

Remote Play is mandatory for all PS4 games

Its built in the hardware system it self

PS4 Remote Play “just happens”, no dev support required

PlayStation 4 natively supports Vita Remote Play at a system level, meaning almost every game will support the feature.

Sorry, pal ....just stop the dc.

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HugoDrax1704d ago

I agree, I do like the auto resume features. Hopefully remote play works as Sony has stated. I disliked the remote play experience on my psp/pspgo + PS3, always seemed like an unpolished feature. If in fact it does allow for me to play my PS4 games on the go, then I dont see a point in purchasing many Vita titles over PS4 titles. Aside from Lumines or Patapon, I'll most likely stick with buying PS4 games over Vita games.

admiralvic1704d ago

"If in fact it does allow for me to play my PS4 games on the go, then I dont see a point in purchasing many Vita titles over PS4 titles."

I think you're forgetting that it requires some sort of internet connection to work and I doubt 3G (which doesn't even allow you to play online...) will be enough. I believe this is the main reason the idea was never really supported, since there are only a finite number of situations where you can even use this. Even then, I can't foresee myself (not saying it won't happen) pulling out my Vita at Denny's or my college's student center just to play another round of Killzone. If anything I would just stick to a game I have locally, like Dragon's Crown.

HugoDrax1704d ago


I'm not forgetting that it requires online. I managed to play Xbox live COD multiplayer, in a party chat, no lag, while tethering to my iPhone which was running on Edge network at the time haha! This was 4 years ago if im not mistaken. Although, that was on a Jailbroken iPhone 1 and at the time tethering wasn't offered by my service (AT&T). Trust me, 3G and 4G LTE networks are highly capable of allowing this.

Although, I agree with what you mentioned in regards to pulling out your Vita at Denny's. I don't see myself doing that either, as I usually only play mobile games when I'm traveling. I'm an architect, so my only downtime is usually at Airports in between or on flights.

SniperControl1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


Remote Play on the PS4/Vita is designed for a Local environment such as a home network, Eg: If your wife wants to watch a girly show on the telly, you bugger off to another room with your Vita and continue playing the PS4 on it.

A connection to the web is not required to to use remote play, as long as the PS4 is plugged into a wireless router it will work.

I understand Vita is an expensive bit of kit, but i have had mine for about 4 months now and i love it, cant wait to remote play on it.

admiralvic1704d ago

"Video sharing"

People aren't talking about it, since a lot of it isn't known. How many developers will block something out and if they do, how long will it last? Picture quality and how that will affect you as a person. If they give you the power to "max out", then a 15 min video of the PS3 usually runs me well over a gig (11 mins of Fuse off my PS3 was 1.07 gb). This could result in a LOT of people being unable to use it or ignoring the feature over quality (remember, the world didn't explode with Uncharted 3 gameplay though you can upload that to YT).

"Instant On"

Waiting 30 seconds to turn on my machine never killed me and it's not like you COULDN'T have left your game on pause to do other things. These are not really ground breaking features, just updates on previous concepts.

"Audio chat"

The PS4 having cross game chat isn't ground breaking, just "about time". Even then, a lot of people own mics and just elect not to use them. Considering the PS3 supports Bluetooth headsets, USB mics and "gaming" mice, it's hard to believe someone would be without a way to chat if they REALLY wanted to.

"Remote play"

Was on the PS3 and most people weren't impressed. Even then, so few actually own a Vita and the network limitations makes this a less than interesting feature. Again, not like people are going to call an improved flop a game changer.

"Mandatory hard drives"

First off, games expanding in size would be horrible... TLoU and Ni no Kuni were both over 20 gb, which require a bunch of space to even INSTALL the game. Not only do people lack the internet required to easily download 20+ gb games, a lot of people (like myself) have a monthly cap and between this and playstation plus and whatever else I do in a month... well this could cost me more money.


Overall, this person reminds me as one of those people that looks at the idea and assumes it will all work as it says it will. However, we live in a world where a LOT of things sound better on paper, than they could ever actually be. Like the share idea sounds fantastic, till you actually start to think about your internet speed, the quality you can upload, how much editing can you do and all the things surrounding it and then it suddenly sounds a bit worry some. When we have some HARD data after these consoles release, then and most likely only then will see what lives and does not live up to the hype.

assdan1703d ago

Agreed until the remote play part. Trust me, everyone I know that has a vita is really excited. It's just there's literally nothing else to talk about with it.

ShwankyShpanky1703d ago

I'll probably be picking up a Vita for remote play. I'd get one now just to have a new toy until the console release (and since I have goodness knows how many 'free' PS+ Vita games waiting in my download list), but I'm holding back in hopes of a bundle deal with the PS4.

THC CELL1704d ago

People forget ps3 had play tv or something, with chat

CaptainYesterday1704d ago

I completely forgot about PlayTV probably because it was never released here I did really want one when it was first announced.

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