Top 10 Most Bad-Ass Video Game Characters of All Time

Only the baddest of the bad made the cut. Come check out WiHD Rocks! Top 10 picks for the most bad-ass video game characters of all time. Think you have a better list? Post it up!

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Gimmemorebubblez1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

This list is fairly good however some of MY most bad-ass characters (npc's inclu)
-Colonel Radec (KZ2)
-Solaire of Astora(Dark Souls)
-Kratos (God of War)
-Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher)

TheUltimateGamer1670d ago

That's a pretty good list too... way too many bad-asses lol

xHeavYx1670d ago

I'm pretty sure that Joel has won a spot as a badass too

ANIALATOR1361670d ago

Radec is definitely badass

ANIALATOR1361670d ago

To me Solid Snake has always been the most badass. Strong silent type beats all

kratos_TheGoat1670d ago

hater are going hate. God Of War 4 with Kratos is day 1 for me.

1670d ago
pr0t0typeknuckles1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

its an okay list i would also add
Dante (Devil May Cry 1-4)
The prince (prince of persia series)
Raiden(Metal Gear rising)
Alex Mercer(prototype)
cole macgrath(infamous)
death(darksiders 2)
Snake(metal gear solid)
jack cayman(madworld)
and my only complaint would be connor,imo he was a B***H,ezio and altair are 1000x better,and deserving of the badass title,IMO

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The story is too old to be commented.