Nintendo working on new content for Pikmin 3


Nintendo is working on new content for Pikmin 3. In an interview with Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun, it was revealed that a new map and mission are scheduled for delivery in the future.



 A translation posted on NeoGAF indicates that multiple missions/maps are likely to be involved, as opposed to just one of each. The translation also seems to suggest that Nintendo is “thinking” about DLC as opposed to “developing” it.

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Concertoine1548d ago

Looking forward to it.
Thus far, very respectable approach to dlc from nintendo.
Imagine story driven dlcs for zelda or metroid, a la Minerva's Den from bioshock 2 or the fallout 3 dlcs. That would be awesome.

falcon971548d ago

Nintendo are showing how DLC should be handled....look forward to it..

gamer421548d ago

But that'll just leave the red pikmin...

PygmelionHunter1548d ago

Still hating on Pikmin? For God's sake, did a freaking bulborb molest you as a child or something? (implying you aren't actually a child)

falcon971547d ago

Bitter guy you,get a life ??

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bobacdigital1548d ago

If you look at the DLC Nintendo has released like Super Luigi U you should realize you get a hell of a lot more out of it than other iterations of DLC on other consoles. Luigi U was practically an entire stand alone game for 20 bux...

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