GAME planning 'huge event' for Xbox One launch

GAME is planning a "huge event" to mark the launch of Xbox One at its Boxpark Xbox store.

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ravinash1700d ago

Game are really push the XB-one.
I did find it funny when I went past one the other day and could only see posters for Xbox and nothing for playstation.

HammadTheBeast1700d ago

Cause MS is paynig them lol. Sony isn't paying them.

thrust1700d ago

They only back the best, hahaha

Oh yeah and because MS is paying them to, ofc!

Ksar1700d ago

Logic. After all, Xbox One will probably be leader in the US, once again.

Wikkid6661700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Wrong country...

For the disagrees... GAME isn't in the US.

iamnsuperman1700d ago

Ksar point stands if he changed it to the UK. In relation to the 360 the UK is similar to the US. However things could change but I can see GAME's reasoning for this move

YNWA961700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I live in Canada, only EB, and a few Gamestops, but same anyway. Any Game stores left in Ireland?

Mushroom, ok, how much do you have then? ;)

mushroomwig1700d ago

Considering the amount of controversy the Xbox One has had I wouldn't bet everything I had on that.

TechnicianTed1700d ago

It will mostly be forgotten by the time it is on the shelves, especially by the general public who don't frequent sites like n4g too often.

ABizzel11700d ago

Game isn't a US retailer.

True_Samurai1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

That's right but game isn't a us retailer

Jiggy7d1700d ago

Yup it will be a leader in the section called:Worst console launch sales in history xD.....although I'm sure sales will pick up later.

HammadTheBeast1700d ago

Just saying, on Amazon US bestsellers, PS4 is in the top ten (can't remember exact, 6 or something), while Xbox One is at 52.

thrust1700d ago

Wow hammad you lost a bubble, am shocked at that.

Amazon is not really a good way to judge such a thing now is it?

It's a fact that Xbox is more popular in the USA and UK.

Mounce1699d ago

Ksar, you silly little Xbox drone.

GAME is not a North American franchise/store....

Also sorry to burst your bubble. U.S. doesn't = The World. No matter how much you want it to be. Being a 'leader' in U.S. isn't really praise-worthy. That and if the polls suggest anything, Xbox will have tougher time maintaining their superiority in U.S. over PS4 next generation.

Weep for everyone.

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kratos_TheGoat1700d ago

Let's the competition begin

us_army1700d ago

Its quite simple marketing, whoever provides the most marketing material and money, and how quickly, will determine what is set up in stores. Looks like Microsoft is making a huge push to win back some consumers.

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The story is too old to be commented.