Why are you a Fanboy? Will we see more cheap games next gen?

This week, Adam talks fanboys and the possibility of cheaper games in the next-gen

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LOGICWINS1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

This is the first console gen where I've heard the word "apologist" used so frequently. I'm assuming one kid used it and everyone else just ran with it.

Back to the point. What Adam is suggesting is interesting to say the least. Consoles bring out a lot of anger in people. The question is why.

I'm guessing that these people have other much more serious problems that are non-gaming related and they use consoles/gaming as a method of venting. Its the same reason why people resort to racial/homophobic slurs when gaming online. If playing a video game gets you angry to that point, then you need some serious counseling.

GodGinrai1766d ago

"I'm guessing that these people have other much more serious problems that are non-gaming related and they use consoles/gaming as a method of venting"

I think this is a little off. I reckon the reason people argue an bicker over console brands is partly the same reason people pick a sports team or a certain brand of clothes. people just love to pick a side and pick a fight.

thorstein1766d ago

Exactly. They make an identity for themselves through a brand or team. (ie Coke v Pepsi.)

So, in this case it is the consoles (and PC) that people create their identity through. This is further parsed through some of the games themselves (ie Battlefield v Call of Duty). You will find fanboys fighting over consoles on one topic only to unite under another.

trafalger1766d ago

your right and it usually stems from boredom, immaturity and lack of self esteem. most of them are socially inept loners who really have no idea how to act with others. they use the forums as a way of expressing themselves since in the real world they likely get laughed at, picked on or even worse, ignored.

LOGICWINS1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Its okay to have a preference for a certain sports team or brand of clothes, but a person who does so to the point where he/she throws physical blows (happens in sports all the time) or engages in vicious arguments that questions/insults another persons race, ethnic background, or gender identity is a whole different beast.

For example, I prefer Taco Bell to other fast food restaurants...does that mean that competing restaurants are "fudgepackers" or "phaggots"?

The difference between being a fanboy and having a preference is quite clear.

trafalger1766d ago

who are the worst fanboys on this site, nintendo or pc or microsoft/xbox or sony?

who usually starts it the most in the forums here, microsoft/xbox, sony, nintendo or pc fanboys?

who trolls the most on this site, microsoft/xbox, sony, pc or nintendo fanboys?

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devwan1766d ago

No, it's more like being part of a team or supporting a football team, only with consoles it's a much smaller league and you're either blue or green (or maybe you're alternative and support Nintendo in the lower leagues /jk)

LOL_WUT1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

True but the way some people try to get their point across whether it's on here or other popular social websites is by making personal attacks or to the point of threatening people which really raises an eyebrow.

The Nintendo fanboys are the worst by far IMO ;)

devwan1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@LOL_WUT You see exactly the same and much, much worse when it comes to football fans on their forums and no doubt it's just the same elsewhere in other scenes... who knows, maybe the cutthroat underground world of cereal box collection has some of the most hardened fanboys there are?


truechainz1766d ago


"The Nintendo fanboys are the worst by far IMO"

It is a mentality issue so there is no one group that is worse and the brand they are supporting is really irrelevant. Not to mention that I have seen you make statements that are meant to fuel this anger from others. Idk if you get a kick out of it but honestly that is just as concerning as those who are the fanboys. Either way though it is an insecurity and identity issue at heart because people become so enamored by a brand that they have to identify with it. When you mess with someone's identity it appears that is when the arguments start to flow.

3-4-51766d ago

Nintendo fanboys aren't the worst. They are actually the least mean and nasty in terms of attitude towards other.

They just don't except some of Nintendo's faults.

I see Xbox & Playstation fanboys says some of the most ignorant things I've ever read.

That being said, I'm a fan of all types of games all kinds of genres and definitely more than one company.

Love my 360,PC,3DS & PSP and all give me different ways to play games that the others don't.

Been a huge xbox fan since 2001, but I'm most likely going to be getting a PS4 & Wii U this generation and maybe an XB1 at a later point if I can afford it.

I still don't align with either as I'm my own unique person.

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wishingW3L1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Apologists because of people defending the Xbox's bullcrap DRM. That's when the word really took off.

latincooker2141766d ago

well said LOGICWINS +bubble. i know im not a fanboy i just like giving crap to some XBOX gamers on N4G. because of the BS they right on here. but real talk im a gamer at heart i don't care what system you play on as long as you keep on gaming and have what? what's it call oh yea FUN. i plan on getting the XBOX ONE when tax's come around but this winter PS4 baby. :)

ChickeyCantor1766d ago

"This is the first console gen where I've heard the word "apologist" used so frequently. I'm assuming one kid used it and everyone else just ran with it. "

Every start of a new console generation there is this one bandwagon people will jump on. In most cases it transcends into the next gen.

It's annoying and mostly misinforms people too.

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Godmars2901766d ago

A true "fanboy" is someone who uses it as an accusation, and its the only accusation or response used.

clearelite1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

If i HAD to define fanboy I would say that off the top of my head that it is someone who blindly defends/admires a particular company, bashes their competition, and doesn't have a rational or logical basis for their behavior.

(EDIT: what I meant was, if I did bash MS it wouldn't necessarily mean I was a fanboy of their competition. I don't often bash them.)

I am not a fanboy because I bash MS, though some would assume I'm a Sony fanboy. I do admire what Sony has done, but I also game on Nintendo consoles and PCs. I've even considered getting an xbox to play Halo with friends, but it never happened.

What I am saying is that I have a rational basis for my decisions and often irrefutable logic to back up my spiel.

Also I don't have a problem with my friends personally who play xbox, even though I prefer Playstation and game at their houses sometimes. Fanboyism often becomes personal and emotional as we often see on here. haha

GodGinrai1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I disagree. that is simply a symptom of their behaviour when on the defence.

A fanboy is somebody who doesnt really question the company they support yet dismisses and downs any competing product at any given opportunity..even when it is not called for. I see plenty of that around here....

EDIT: the first sign of a fanboy is trolling. The smarter they are , the more subtle. especially on N4G..thats why certain people have so many bubbles yet seem so one sided in there comments.

clearelite1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

haha, good comment.
It's probably the case that the smarter people are the less time they spend trolling too. There's also the probability that some of them actually work for competing companies or are paid in one way or another.
Anyway, wasn't Sessler annoyingly whining about that GOW Ascension trophy, or did people blow that out of proportion?

Einhert1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

"Grouping around corporate entities and kind of raging on on their behalf without ever receiving a pay check"

This is exactly what I have always wondered about fanboys, why do they champion a corporation that does not give a damn about them or pay them.

It is illogical and nonsensical to do such a thing.

But then again humans whether we like it or not love arguing or fighting over something, human beings love competition and anything that can be made into a competition is.

Sports teams, corporatism, patriotism, warfare, advancements, religious beliefs.

I have seen every one of these more times than I can count compared and argued.

Then again another reason could be that people want to feel like their purchase was the best purchase and they seek endlessly to validate that.

GodGinrai1766d ago

"Then again another reason could be that people want to feel like their purchase was the best purchase and they seek endlessly to validate that."

In the case of a single console owner I would say this is true. There is no way that you wont buy both consoles if you can afford. And when you own both and see there benefits, you find less and less reason to pick a side.

To me sony and MS are more like togold digging girls constantly fighting for my attention in the living room. I dont bow to their altars..they bow to MY wallet.

Never lose sight of that fellow gamers . You owe these companies nothing.

Einhert1766d ago

That is exactly it, we owe them nothing and it is up to them to sell us the best possible product.

I don't care who sells it, I care about who has the better product and which has the best and most fun gaming library.


And that is why I hate sports in general and just because it happens in one area does not validate it in another.

Well there is a fundamental difference here, Sports are a competition through and through, your personal choice of gaming platform is not.

devwan1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@Einhert Yet that same response I read time after time only makes me wonder why people who offer it are so empty and shallow that they can't see the fun in being part of a team, part of a set, having an opinion and enjoying the banter that comes with that.

My guess is the kind of person who has to look for the logic in it and doesn't have a clue how to begin understanding it, they're the same sort of person who has no idea why people enjoy watching sports and vehemently supporting their team... it's all part of the same mindset. Football teams are money-making machines, yet you don't get such a backlash against football supporters for ruthlessly being exploited by the team's owners.

So for me, people who like to support a console manufacturer or whatever else they want to be a fanboy about have every right to do so as it's something they enjoy participating in and I don't feel they are being exploited or bled dry as long as they're enjoying themselves and everything that comes with it. Those who don't feel this way are free to pursue their boring noncommittal blandness ;-)

jamsam3601766d ago

I have noticed allot of playstation people are more aggressive than an xbox person. I want to know why?

wishingW3L1766d ago

because you're in a website where like 80% of the users are PlayStation fans but if you go to IGN then the story changes.

latincooker2141766d ago

no way jamsam360 omg the BS i hear on XBOX LIVE dude it's crazy bro. more aggressive goes to the xbox live gamers.

GodGinrai1766d ago

I kinda like that about XBL. The lobbys are bloody entertaining. especially when you beat them. meltdown central. I have heard OLD people go nuts on XBL! lol

people get heated in the middle of a competitive match. especially if they stick around expecting to "pay you back" in the following match, and that does not happen :).

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