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Submitted by Mariye 859d ago | video

[Video] Dynasty Warriors 8: Romance the three kingdoms all over again

From the article, "Some would argue Dynasty Warriors hasn’t changed much since 2001. In some ways, they’d be correct. However, Dynasty Warriors has a strange way of attracting the same players no matter how many times it forces us to re-live the same old battles and stories all over again. It’s kind of like junk food. We’re well aware that there are plenty of better games we could spend our time playing, but we just can’t help but to see how ridiculously overpowered Lu Bu has become with each iteration of Dynasty Warriors. Now that Dynasty Warriors 8 is here, we get the chance to see if things really are more of the same. You can see as well in our fairly long gameplay video." (Dynasty Warriors 8, PS3, Xbox 360)

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