Xbox One could outship PS4 3-to-1 this year Colin Sebastian says supply chain checks show Microsoft's new system gaining momentum, fate of Wii U rests on holiday software lineup

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Abriael1762d ago

Dude know so much that he thinks that there's a $50 difference in the price between the two consoles. Go figure.

buddymagoo1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

The thing is Microsoft will ship as many as they can to stores, it doesn't mean they will all sell.

devwan1762d ago

I think they'll sell all they can ship but they just aren't making the right noises to suggest it'll be anything like adequate (hence the limited worldwide roll out).

1762d ago
inveni01762d ago

"Xbox One could outship PS4 3-to-1 this year"

Lots of things "COULD" happen. I could start pooping monkey-shaped golden nuggets. It's just not likely.

Though that would be a cool bar trick.

Cmk01211762d ago

agreed but if people have to wait to play their favorite next gen games they will get whats available sometimes

nukeitall1762d ago

You can't argue with analyst that does this for a living, has inside sources and know where to look.

Also note, about the price. It wasn't the analyst that got it wrong, it was the website!

"[CORRECTION]: This article originally misstated the price gap between the Xbox One and PS4. The mistake was ours, not Sebastian's. We regret the error."

gaffyh1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

MS won't outship Sony if the yield problems are true. It's just not possible. And looking at the unit numbers a lot of retailers have got, it definitely looks like Sony is shipping way more than MS right now.

@nuke - Somehow, that makes his predictions even worse. At least if he thought the gap was $50, then that's not a huge margin in a consumer's mind. But $100 difference, and he thinks it will sell 3:1? Wow, this just shows you, learn to appreciate Pachter. He might be bad, but he's nowhere near as bad as some of these analysts.

dedicatedtogamers1762d ago

It could be true. Microsoft is known for "stuffing the channels". I remember when Kinect came out and it was OMG the FASTEST SELLING (shipping) piece of electronics in the HISTORY OF MANKIND!! And it sold/shipped 10 million in two months...and then four months later Kinect sales were still at 10 million...because Microsoft channel-stuffed.

Then again, there's a lot of evidence that Microsoft is having supply issues.

Either way, anyone confident in Microsoft's ability to launch a reliable console...I pity your ignorance.

Ju1762d ago

MS running the FUD machine again. Nothing new here.

YNWA961762d ago

@invenio, what kind of sauce would you serve with that?

inveni01762d ago

I wouldn't eat my golden poop nuggets. I'd save them and melt them down and sell them to a gold exchange and use the money I make to buy an Xbox One... /s

creatchee1762d ago


"I remember when Kinect came out and it was OMG the FASTEST SELLING (shipping) piece of electronics in the HISTORY OF MANKIND!! And it sold/shipped 10 million in two months...and then four months later Kinect sales were still at 10 million...because Microsoft channel-stuffed."

And now Kinect is at 25 million. Did they "stuff" an additional 15 million then?

MysticStrummer1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


"Anything MS puts in the stores is going to sell and sell well."

Reality says no.

MS has put out more than a few failed products. A quick Google search would show you this.

Anon19741762d ago

Same analyst who said the Xbox One would retail between $350-$400. I respect the work that analysts do after a decade spent in the brokerage industry but this is just speculation on his part. Saying the Xbox One could possibly have the potential to push out more units doesn't mean that it'll happen. We're already having multiple suppliers reporting they don't have stock of the Xbox One for launch. Certainly interest in the Xbox One is up from it's E3 debacle with DRM, but to what extent? We really have no idea what demand is actually like because no one has revealed any figures on pre-orders or shipments.

ThanatosDMC1762d ago

Ignorant author must have been living under a rock to miss the price by that much.

DigitalRaptor1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

@ edonus

"Anything MS puts in the stores is going to sell and sell well."

"I am not as delusional as the sony zealots are"

Conflicting statements show your hypocrisy, as MysticStrummer pointed out, but oh well.. I'm not expecting any less from a Microsoft apologist. We're not even talking about comparative failure here - we're talking about Microsoft falling short of their plan to completely and utterly dominate the gaming market.

Sitdown1762d ago


"Either way, anyone confident in Microsoft's ability to launch a reliable console...I pity your ignorance"

I don't remember, did the original xbox have reliability issues?

pompombrum1762d ago

"Anything MS puts in the stores is going to sell and sell well. Their is nothing that suggests otherwise than internet ramblings of sony supporters. "

That's funny, I could have swore I saw multiple news stories in the last week or so claiming the surface wasn't doing that well and has cost Microsoft a fair bit of money.

Also, everytime you blame sony fanboys for all things Microsoft hate, do you actually start to believe it a little bit more?

GribbleGrunger1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

It depends on what the author means by 'outship'. Sony are targeting the WW market but it appears that MS are focusing more on certain regions. We may see many headlines suggesting the X1 is outshipping the PS4, so I hope the balanced amongst us will point out the WW shipment numbers, just to keep it sensible. For instance, how many X1s are MS shipping in Asia, the so called 'second tier' region? (Microsoft's words not mine)

MasterCornholio1762d ago


"Anything MS puts in the stores is going to sell and sell well."

Like the surface tablets or the Zune MP3 players right?

Motorola RAZR i

DragonKnight1762d ago

@nukeitall: "You can't argue with analyst that does this for a living, has inside sources and know where to look."

Oh really?

JokesOnYou1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Abriel, it wasn't his mistake the author corrected it.

"CORRECTION]: This article originally misstated the price gap between the Xbox One and PS4. The mistake was ours, not Sebastian's. We regret the error."
-Brendan Sinclair-Games Industry

gaffyh "MS won't outship Sony if the yield problems are true."

So an analyst who does this for a living says his "supply chain checks show Microsoft's new system gaining momentum" and you respond "if yeild problems are true", hmmm with micro's financial resources and a industry analyst saying his data points to micro having 2-3x unit advantage at launch I know which sounds more creditable.

@Dragonknight, we all know Pachter is wrong because he spends to much time on gametrailers and such doing shows instead of doing his job, you can tell he loves the spotlight more than he does fact checking at Wedbush.

gaffyh1762d ago

@JOY - All evidence points to Xbone having less units than PS4 from several retail stores. GameStop were even offering unlimited preorders for PS4 but not for Xbone. That suggests that there are more PS4s available for preorder already. Unless MS has a massive additional production run, I can't see them catching up to Sony in the amount of units, let alone make 3 times as many!

I mean come on, he might be an analyst, but that's just not possible. MS would have to increase production three or four times.

malokevi1762d ago

"MS won't outship Sony if the yield problems are true. It's just not possible. "

How on earth do you figure that? And how does logic like that get 17 likes and 4 dislikes?

this place never ceases to amaze me.

fr0sty1762d ago

MS was rumored to be having major issues with yields (and costs as well as a result) due to problems with the EDRAM. There is evidence of this in the retail channel already. Many stores are reporting having many more PS4 pre-order allotments per store than XB1. Both Gamestop and Amazon have had more pre-orders available for PS4 than XB1.

That, and analysts are quite often wrong. Especially video game market analysts. This market would have collapsed by now if half the things Pachter predicted ever came true.

So, you can laud his analyst credentials all you want, but it does not change the fact that so far all hard evidence that we can see points to XB1 being the console that is having supply issues. One analyst coming out of nowhere with a ridiculous claim, citing unnamed sources, is not going to convince the rest of the world that what they are seeing evidence of isn't true.

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Ashunderfire861762d ago

If PS4 is sold out first, Then people will feel the pressured to buy Xbox One, because it is also a next gen system. There will always be people who want to get the latest technology, and brag about to their friends.


@edonus and others

Funny how MS fans dismiss internet complains on the matter of sales of a console that initially pushed for an online only policy... Internet people IS the target audience. And seriously, what makes you think that the target audience is not speaking when there has been some hundreds of polls (not all conducted online) all pointing at most people not wanting an Xbox One or out right prefering a PS4?

I'm not saying it won't sell well, specially at first. Of course it will, I'm yet to see a console that don't sell every first units shipped, it's the nature of the business, new stuff sells... It's the long haul everyone is concerned.

Personally, I don't think MS will go into irrelevance like some doom and gloom articles push either, but quite frankly you got to be delusional to think MS is having a good start.

blind-reaper1762d ago

"Anything MS puts in the stores is going to sell and sell well"

like the Kin and the Zune?

morganfell1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

So the PS4 is launching worlwide but the X1 is launching in a very limited number of territories yet it will outship the PS4.

PS4 spent more time in the pre-order number 1 spots for the US on Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop yet the X1 will outship the PS4?

Okay, that's believable.../s.

gaffyh1762d ago

@malokevi - See fr0sty's reply. Thanks fr0sty, was going to reply and say the same thing. I don't get how people don't understand what "yield issues" means, although of course they may not of heard of the supply issues that have been widely rumored.

morganfell1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

"You can't argue with analyst that does this for a living, has inside sources and know where to look. "

Really? One name...Michael Pachter... All the accuracy of a 20 year old Daisy air rifle.

This is one post I am bookmarking so I can come back later and make sure some people do not forget what they said.

abzdine1762d ago

all i wish them is good luck, they're gonna need it

Saigon1762d ago

I thought this was interesting, I searched google for yield issues just for clarification so I wouldn't speak out of term and the first artice that cam up was something from Neogaf:

The google search:

Megaton1762d ago

Yeah, they've been caught channel stuffing to inflate sales numbers numerous times in the past.

lemondish1762d ago

The problem there is that the EDRAM is actually much harder to source than all that superfluous GDDR5 that was hanging around the industry in preparation for Windows 8.

With the PS4 already cleared via FCC, which is surprisingly early, I don't think Microsoft will have a 3 to 1 lead on shipping. Not even close. I actually expect them to be significantly behind.

badz1491762d ago

I want whatever this analyst is smoking! sounds like a pretty good stuff! meh...scratch that. if Pachter is anything to go by, analyst can be wrong ALL the freaking time and then some and still make money! I want that money instead. please...

BattleAxe1762d ago

"Xbox One could outship PS4 3-to-1 this year" back to reality.

miyamoto1762d ago

MS PR dept will keep instilling this erroneous information again and again in the media until it changes the general perception of the PS4 advantage.

We fought this misinformation campaign against the PS3 and we beat M$ eventually but looks like they are at it again.

Its like mixing in flouride with tap water to make American dumber and dumber as the days goes by.

frankiebeans1762d ago

@edonus. "Anything MS puts in the stores is going to sell and sell well."

umm windows 8? nope. argument is pretty much dead nice try trying not to sound like a fanboy and down playing everyone that supports ps4, you sound just like everyone else.

CommonSense1762d ago

I'll be gettin both. Kiss my ass with your console war.

mewhy321762d ago

I'm curious to how the pre-order numbers stack up?

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Doubt it. Only ps4 is doing a world wide launch.

MS is betting mostly on the west and USA being the main country.

ps4 is #5 on amazon usa
and xbox #55 and going down.

On the bright side xbox one has a chance of beating ps4's controller.

Over all I don't trust MS to support core gamers the whole generation. I feel they just need to get them to buy then shift to kinect again.

Who goes out their way to push a camera with a console for $500??

They have yet to prove themselves to give a console long term support with new IP's.

Sony did it with ps2 and now with ps3(gt6, beyond, TLOU, ni no kuni, ratchet & clank etc...). And xbox? gears 4, halo, forza. So ps4 it is for me.

In fact MS are doing the same things over again. Remember when mass effect series & bioshock was xbox only? But still on pc?? Like project spark and titanfall?.

Godmars2901762d ago

Why are people still buying XBL points when MS is getting rid of them?

trafalger1762d ago

"Only ps4 is doing a world wide launch."

that's not what i heard. show me where sony confirmed this.

notice how those are the two areas the xbox360 does well in. why is a japanese company not confirming a japan release date first?

Ausbo1762d ago


Microsoft will be converting all leftover microsoft points into money. So you dont lose anything when they switch over

Darrius Cole1762d ago

Sony should not do a worldwide simultaneous launch anyway. They should release first in the US and Europe, where they will have to compete with the Xbone. They should put as many units in those two markets as they can to prevent the Xbone from building up a big lead there. Once the supply lines are primed and can provide all the units they need, Sony should go into Japan and the other markets. MS should do the same thing.

drsfinest721762d ago

Ohsorry I didn't know amazon is a credible source for the whole world. You do know theres more than one retailer in the world, right?

lawgone1762d ago

But then if you click "Best Selling in Video Games in 2013" it has PS4 at #3 and XB1 and #6. Most wished for has PS4 #1 and XB1 at #3 and #11 (different versions.) Not sure how all those numbers jive.

kneon1762d ago


Amazon is likely to have something similar sales patterns to other retailers so it is a good indicator. And if you checked out Amazon sites for other countries the situation for the xbox one looks quite poor.

thrust1762d ago

Sony paying amazon again a?

Only put this because the article which said xbox one pre orders doing well in game, ps fans said MS whee paying game.

SniperControl1762d ago


Erm, you will find that Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world.

frankiebeans1762d ago

ps move selling better than xbox one lol

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MysticStrummer1762d ago

Last I saw, PS4 had 2-3 times as many pre-orders made available in stores, and was still sold out faster than One.

sensor211762d ago

All consoles will be sold out at launch and if u think otherwise think again.

MysticStrummer1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

@sensor - What does that have to do with what I said?

If PS4 has 60 available preorders per store and One has 20, and by the way those numbers are close to what has been reported, they can both sell out but PS4 will have shipped and sold 3 times as many.

tuglu_pati1762d ago


link or it never happened

sAVAge_bEaST1762d ago

I went to 2 gamestops in my area,. 1st time ,before the ceiling was lifted on ps4. it was 15 xone allotments,.to 28 ps4... then Ps4 allowed more pre-orders. so 40-60, isn't out of the ballpark.

MysticStrummer1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


That's from about a month ago and it shows PS4 having an even bigger allocation advantage than what I said, but if you look at current Amazon listings both consoles are sold out and PS4 has sold more, which indicates more available at launch.

All those numbers can change between now and launch, hence why I said "Last I saw..."

@Savage - I got that 60 number from this article, which is also about a month old now...

lawgone1762d ago

@MysticStrummer...from your first link: "Neither Sony nor Microsoft have indicated how many consoles they are producing for launch day, but GameTrailers' sources suggest that at least one GameStop store has 138 PS4 consoles in its allocation, with 66 actively having been pre-ordered by customers already, to just 18 Xbox Ones." - That's a "GameTrailers' source" who is so well connected he got someone at ONE GameStop to tell him their allocation.

Same for the the other link. Fact is, no one really knows except people very high up in each organization and they are not going to talk unless they want to risk losing a high paying job, for what, to satisfy some fanboy's requests? Come on now. They're both gonna sell like hotcakes.

MysticStrummer1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

@lawgone - Which is why I said "Last I saw...". Of course both are going to sell. I'm just questioning the premise of the article because all indications are that (so far) there are more PS4s allocated for preorder than there are Ones. That means more PS4s will be shipped. There's a long time before launch and the numbers will change for both.

There's another article that said GameStop got 60 PS4s and 16 Ones, but I'm not going to look for it. It's the article I was looking for in response to tugli, but I couldn't remember the search terms that made it turn up before and I erased my history so I settled for the link I posted.

Again, all numbers will change by launch, I'm just questioning this article based on available evidence. With both consoles sold out on Amazon and PS4 having sold more, that implies more PS4s will be available.

tuglu_pati1762d ago


A link with a unknown source is practically a rumor, but nice try.

JokesOnYou1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Mystic from your own links:

1st link:
"Sony now appears confident that it will be able to handle the demand, with unconfirmed figures suggesting stores are being provided with almost ten times as many PS4 units for pre-order as Xbox Ones."

2nd link;
“Due to high demand, GameStop is not taking additional store reservations for the Xbox One Day One Edition,” a GameStop rep told the site. “However, reservations can still be made [online].

-lol, whos point are you trying to prove? I think the only thing that suggests ps4 has more allocations is Amazons higher preorder rank for ps4, as for totals at other stores who knows but that comes back to like Ive said before the sellout X1 was on a steady incline to closing the gap with ps4 on Amazon and this article points to a rise in allocations overall.

Fergusonxplainsall1762d ago

This is true the Xbox will ship more in US 3 to 1, because they don't sell in other countries well.

So I expect we will have a ton of Xbox one's at retail. Ps4 will be like the original Wii for awhile, where people have to wait for shipments.

Every preorder I've heard of, the PS4 is always almost double that of Xb1..Sad but true.

Even when MS ships elsewhere, if they don't sell they get them back and make bundles to release in the states.

I'll buy a bundle.

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Mikelarry1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

yeah i logged on to read article to see how he came to that conclusion and once i saw "$50 difference" i just closed the window and moved on. at the very least get your facts straight before making such a claim

Rhaigun1762d ago

Exactly. This article just screams, "I'm making this all up."

dmeador1762d ago

Maybe you should have continued reading. It was an error on the websites part

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1762d ago

Great to see Sony fans scream out.. ."shipped numbers!!!" when that's all Sony would be giving out this current gen.


pompombrum1762d ago

Great to see another x-tard trying to discredit all the hate as Sony fanboys.