Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets New Extended Trailer, Info, Screenshots

So far there have been a lot of info about the Japanese edition of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, and it’s finally time to talk a bit about the North American one, and Tecmo Koei just released a batch of info, a trailer and screenshots about it.

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Abriael1767d ago

What's wrong with that? :D

kratos_TheGoat1767d ago

I have a happy face love them

DivineAssault 1767d ago

effin sweet! Gotta get this

izumo_lee1767d ago

So weird to see Rachel & Momijii in the game. It's awesome that they are in the roster but they don't really fit in the DOA universe. Rachel especially in her getup...

Oh well. Probably get it anyway cause of the (cough) action.

Darrius Cole1767d ago

What we actually need is more DOA characters in Ninja Gaiden....., Or perhaps just a full-blown "DOA-Gaiden"...., Or maybe they just fix the Ninja Gaiden that they already have.

fsfsxii1766d ago

I kinda agree, but its alright, but Momiji is alright. What we need to see is Hayate in NG

CommanderWTF1767d ago

Is there a controller setting that allows you to play with one hand?

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