Kotaku - I Finally Got My Hands On The Xbox One. Hmm.

Kotaku - Last Thursday night at the 2013 Xbox Comic-Con Media Showcase, I got my first hands-on time with the Xbox One. I was pleased — well, mostly pleased.

Having manned home base during both E3 and Microsoft's initial Xbox One reveal, for the past few months, the extent of my experience with the console has been second hand. I read the accounts of my colleagues. I looked at pictures. I watched gameplay videos. I was a well-informed spectator.

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Wizziokid1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

About Killer Instinct
"but nothing that couldn't run on an Xbox 360 without trimming away much in the way of gameplay and visuals."

That's disappointing.

"For now it just doesn't feel like a next-gen system to me."

Mr_Nuts1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I'm going to trust him on this.....he has a beard

Those people never lie :)

ANIALATOR1361700d ago

"when you see a beard like that, you know you're in safe hands"

TechnicianTed1700d ago

Ming the Merciless had a beard, and I wouldn't trust him. I'd sleep with his daughter though, because she was fit.

darthv721700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Isnt this generally the norm? I mean the first batch of titles you see essentially started development on the former system and then gets shifted to the newer as it progresses.

I can recall many saying the first few 360/ps3 games looked like they were xbox/ps2 games but in hd. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

It should come as no surprise that the first batch of X1 games will be supped up 360 games. Its the 2nd wave of x1 games that will tell a different story as those will have been built for the x1 from the ground up.

I am reminded that within a consoles life cycle the quality of the games increases to the point of looking at a game near its end and comparing it to a game at its launch it is a noticeable difference. And yet its the same hardware from beginning to end.

Genesis, snes, ps1, ps2...all had better looking games as the consoles got older. It just comes down to the developers and fully understanding how everything should work to get the most out of the platform.

Im not worried in the least for the quality of next gen ps4 and x1 games. hell...even the wii-u will get better looking games as it goes.

malokevi1700d ago

Its a valid opinion. Of course, he only got a taste, but I think maybe he's expecting too much. Its this statement that irks me:

"It's very frantic and pretty, but nothing that couldn't run on an Xbox 360 without trimming away much in the way of gameplay and visuals. "

I don't think that its realistic to expect major advancements, or even any advancements whatsoever, in terms of gameplay during the launch window. We have the same developers working with basically the same tools on the same types of games... can you really expect all new gameplay experiences? Especially considering this is a small sample of offline content?

Its prettier. Better visuals and bigger worlds are all I am expecting for the time being.

That being said, its always nice to read a fresh perspective, and I think, given the same experience, I would have come away with basically the same impression.

JokesOnYou1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Was anybody else confused?

Its not so bad, you got keep things in perspective:

"I'm quite impressed with Ryse: Son of Rome,despite the negative press the game's been garnering lately. Sure, the portion of the game we've seen and I've now played focuses heavily on pressing the face buttons of the new Xbox One controller in time, the battles I fought were rather satisfying, in a completely brutal sort of way."

"The graphics are pretty intense, and there's a ton of stuff going on throughout the demo — little events and interactions easy to miss in the heat of battle. I get the feeling the demo I played barely scratched the surface of Crytek's Xbox One title."

"What I am not impressed by is the Xbox One. The design is great (I love rectangles), the controller is a near-perfect evolution of the Xbox 360 pad and I'm sure we'll eventually see some of its power and cloud computing enhancements come into play."

"I don't expect I'll feel the difference between the two systems until I get up to my virtual elbows in Xbox One's guts later this year. I'm beginning to understand why our first introduction to the Xbox One focused on cable TV and streaming video and second-screen tech — it's the experience between and beyond the games that will define this console, and until I have a chance to sit down with that bit, I'm standing by my "hmmm.""

-OK so he was impressed but not impressed enough???? What does he want it to do, first Kotaku was one of the leaders of the "reveal didn't show any games" now he's like well the games are good (mostly) but I'll wait to see the other TV stuff and features because thats what will seperate X1 from last gen.

abzdine1700d ago

what is crazy is that they've started with TV stuff at the reveal and when people got angry about no game shown they starting pretending the X1 is all about the games at E3.
Now the only way for them to lure people was to show their console as a gaming console at first place, but they already killed it for me cause i know the TV crap isn't banned for good.
Don't get me wrong, Xbox One will have good games like every console that hit the market, the question is how long is it gonna stand against the PS4 which is the hottest thing to own at the moment..

ThanatosDMC1699d ago


He's basically saying it's not next gen enough for him and he feels a lot of the features are something the 360 could do all ready.

Screw TV features. We got Netflix and Vudu and Amazon and Redbox and ESPN for that...

Boody-Bandit1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

"I'm going to trust him on this.....he has a beard

Those people never lie :)"

This must be why I've had a beard since I could grow one. :)

I have been gaming a really long time. I can't remember a generation where I was blown away out of the gate so I'm not surprised in the least that the author of this title wasn't as well. Either or I am excited for the next generation of gaming to get underway. I just got to finish up my current library of titles before it starts.

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Drakesfortune1700d ago

Bearded men...are true men...wish i had started puberty only 24 god damit

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1700d ago

ah piss off jokesonhim you ms apologist, why dont you send em in a cv? you can state that your great at kissing ass , they will love you.

Cmk01211700d ago

honestly his write up is just confusing. saying ryse is fun to play and graphically amazing only to follow up saying killer instinct doesnt look all the great. saying he liked the games but didnt like one of them, saying wasnt impressed by console but loved the design, and controller. The leap from non hd to HD is bigger than what ps3/360 to these new consoles is hands down. particle effects, weather and world simulation are what to expect. its going from hd to PC type realism this gen. I just think hes lost and i dont say that in defense of the xbox one but both xbox one and ps4. if you have expectations to have a leap of non hd to hd type upgrade on this gen you have another thing coming. its going to be the immersive effects, the multitasking, the seamless worlds with no load times, instant on, quicker processing is whats taking place not a IMMENSE graphical leap IMO

dcj05241700d ago

I feel like the jump from ps1-ps2 was bigger. And the snes to ps1 Massive. Ps2-ps3 was a leap but not a gigantic this is absoloutley impossible on the last system leap. Some next-gen titles are impossible on current gen without severly reducing content and gameplay ( BF4, The division, Destiny, Kill zone SF, Elder Scrolls Online, Planetside 2) I feel a bigger gameplay leap. And this is only year one. Feels like a bigger jump overall.And launch titles never ever show the graphical capabilities a console has.

SegaSaturn6691700d ago

I love ps4, but with kinect 2 being one of the key features on the 360, I'd rather hear a review of an AAA game using that peripheral successfully.

In my mind it just feels like an xbox 360 with redesigned dashboard and mandatory kinect.

ThanatosDMC1699d ago

No, Planetside 2 is not something current consoles can handle. That awesome clusterf*ck of a game is too crazy.

Elders Scrolls Online... sucks. Nuff said. Could be played on the 360. Graphics are severely lacking. Cant even hold a candle to GW2, Rift, Tera, Neverwinter etc. They seemed to have sacrifice graphical fidelity for something and I still cant figure out what it is, especially when compared to recent MMOs.

I wish the Division is more survival than just shoot em-up. I hope it's comparable to DayZ in a sense or I hope it's better and more innovative than DayZ.

MariaHelFutura1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Ryse was a 360 game, Dead Rising 3 was a 360 game, it wouldn't surprise me if KI was a 360 game. Probably the reason the 360 has no good exclusive games on the horizon.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1700d ago

MariaHelFutura + 8h ago | Well said
Ryse was a 360 game, Dead Rising 3 was a 360 game, it wouldn't surprise me if KI was a 360 game. Probably the reason the 360 has no good exclusive games on the horizon.

lol so true.. but people like jokesonhim will think they are the second coming anyway rofl

MWong1700d ago

That honestly does make a lot of sense. I mean I am honestly really impressed with Project Spark and hopeful for TitanFall so far.

thetruthx11699d ago

Just because a game starts out as a 360 game doesn't mean it can't be revamped and fine tuned into a quality xbox one game.

There's no way Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and these other games can be done on the 360 and still have the next gen look and feel.

I'm not trusting these journalists. I trust my eyes

ThanatosDMC1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Ryse had terrible texture detail and that was running on a high powered PC. Now compare that to God of War 3 which was running on PS3. GoW3 took a *hit on Ryse and it's years old.

No Way1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

@ThanatosDMC -
Question: Why you comparing a complete game to an incomplete one?

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Insomnia_841700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Have you all noticed how every time someone goes "deep" into detail with anything Xbox One related, be it MS/Devs/Press, always something negative arises? It is only when Microsoft speaks about it that it looks "good" but once people starts asking about the things MS don't talk about or try to avoid talking about, always something bad comes out of it. I think this is way they don't have someone speaking about their console the way Mark Cerny does with the PS4. You have seen videos of people with hands-on the PS4 with the actual system sent by Sony but not a single one with the Xbox One.

They keep saying the "XB1 can do this, can do that" but how much of that have we seen? How much have the shown? Like the sharing video gameplay which they only mentioned not at their XB1 reveal, not at e3, only to the press but have shown NOTHING about, like something implemented at the last minute to counter the PS4 feature which was built with that in mind. Ryse having scripted moments and the final product not being like what the showed at e3, the kinect ui being scripted at e3 and nothing happening in real time (shown behind closed doors and being NOTHING like what they shiwed on stage with lag in response), the console releasing just like they revealed it with the restrictions but needs an update to take the DRM and restrictions away (a detail not said in their official 180 backpedaling announcement but only talked about later when asked about the details of it)...
All this only puts more question marks in my head and doubts about Microsoft next gen console and it only leads me to belive that once the system gets in the market, bad news will happen.

Fireseed1700d ago

You may wanna check any single person in the fighting game community on the topic of KI and you're theory is INCREDIBLY wrong.

jessupj1699d ago

Excellent post.

You're exactly right. Sony have been very open with the PS4 while MS seem to be the opposite. Why they do make a statement their never seems to be any proof and when questioned get asked they never seem to be answered properly.

From everything we've seen and read, it seemed MS is rushing their console again. It's highly likely they were planning to launch next year instead and Sony have abolutely blind sided them.

I'm incredibly excited for the launch of both consoles and getting all my questions answers once and for all.

Antwan3k1699d ago


actually I think it's quite opposite..

we've seem live demo of the Xbox One dashboard UI, game DVR editing/sharing/streaming, asynchronous matchmaking, smartglass integration, voice commands/gestures, cloud processing, and more..

on the other hand, we've seen no live demo of the PS4 UI (only screenshots) so we have no idea how fast, fluid, or intuitive it is.. We haven't seen a live demo of how the share button is going to truly work (just a snippet in a pre-edited video with Will and Sarah).. Will the PS4 have asynchronous matchmaking like the Xbox One? (where I can set up an online game via smartglass while continuing to play the game I'm currently playing or queue up a online game but rather than wait in the game lobby for the game to start, I can play another game, watch a movie, watch tv, or do anything else until the game alerts me that my online game session is ready) we have no idea because Sony hasn't show much at all about the new PSN that we now have to PAY for.. What about party chat?.. Sony has mentioned crossgame voice chat but haven't mentioned party chat.. I'm assuming there is going to be party chat, but it's weird that they haven't outright SAID it yet.. I'm sure the question has been asked but no confirmation from Sony?.. They scream to the high heavens about how you can buy/sell used games but don't say anything about a must-have feature like party chat?.. That should raise some eyebrows.. what about this "PlayStation app" and it's second screen functionality?.. Again, no live demonstration and no real information other than "trust us, it's coming".. What about cloud processing?.. Will Sony only be using Gaikai for PS3 game streaming or will it be used for dedicated servers and CPU cloud processing like the Xbox One's Azure cloud?
. If so, when?.. Gaikai isn't even coming online for the PS4 until "sometime in 2014" but the XB1's cloud is ready to go as we speak.. And the list goes on and on..

how can anyone possibly say that Sony is being more open about the PS4 than Microsoft is about the Xbox One when all we know about the PS4 is it has better graphics than the PS3, you have to pay for online play now, has no DRM, plays games offline, and has the almighty GDDR5?.. What about the UI, PSN+ features/details, PS Home, Party Chat, and a number of other factors that all you "gamers" should be worried about instead?

ThanatosDMC1699d ago

It's in the power of the cloud... in fairy/unicorn land.

thetruthx11699d ago

Insomnia_84 Ever heard of Comic con?

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dark-hollow1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

The thing is people expect a ps2/og Xbox to ps3/360 jump immediately! That won't happen in the first wave of games. The main thing we will notice at the first generation of games is the much improved IQ which is really needed. We can't really tell how great FFXV, killzone SF etc from just looking at gameplay videos just like we could barely tell a difference between HD twins games and PC games just from looking at shitty compressed YouTube videos.

Just look at crysis 3 videos then try playing it yourself with a maxed out PC. The difference is HUGE as you can notice all Tue details comes to life on your HDTV.

Look at gears of war 1 and compare it to the last of us. The difference is jaw dropping! We need to wait couple years before we see how truly capable the next generation consoles are.

andrewsqual1700d ago

Shocking when the guys at Xbot Central haven't even been allowed to touch the console. Just shows the real damage that Microsoft has done to their once proud (and deluded) fan base.

Krosis1699d ago

....yeah you sound totally rational.

lgn151700d ago

WOW you could say that about any game, ps4 OR one dude. Knack? (nothing innovative here)
Killzone? (another fps)
Infamous? (same infamous better graphics)
Driveclub? (im not even gunna get into this, another racer. same thing for generations just different graphics)

GamerGuy1531700d ago

Innovation in graphics is always a given, and is already visible on both systems, with Killzone and Forza. It's the innovations in gameplay that will truly shine next generation. I think the huge alwayss changing online worlds like Destiny, and the expansion of the online space like Planetside 2 and even BF4 64 players will be big players. But even in the single player experiences, the extra power of the systems will really be revealed in the next few years with vast improvements in the number of characters on screen, the size and destructibility of the environments, and the improvements in artificial intelligence.

Ju1700d ago


Killzone SF had hands on (E3) and blows you away
inFamous had hands on (E3) and blows you away
Drive Club had hands on - and I think it looks awesome

And then we saw Watchdogs, AC:BF on the console.

And than we had on top of that indies and F2P like Warframe and Blacklight Retribution.

Nobody would claim those were running on PS3 (or 360).

Compared to 2 (two!) titles actually running on XBone HW with hands on. Forza wasn't played live un-moderated.

I mean are you telling me we are on even ground here?

Gildarts1700d ago

Same goes for PS4. It won't feel like nextgen till we get games who truly utilize the power.

karl1700d ago

killzone is the only title that looks nextgen for now..

driveclub wasnt that impressive looking to me

at least gameplay

if the game reaches the graphics that we saw during the ps4 reveal i will be impressed

RedHawkX1700d ago

sounds about right get the ps4 first then wait to get the xbox one later when its price drop seems like a smarter choice. that new ps4 controller the ds4 with the touch pad, enhanced rumble and improved controls and size with the power of the ps4 feels really next gen compared to the xbox one.

BallsEye1700d ago

While gameplay in Ryse leaves a lot to wish for from what we saw, the graphics are definately next gen. How can anyone deny it?

CoryHG1700d ago

Forza feels next gen. Killer Instinct just looks like Street Fighter 4

strifeblade1700d ago

you know if you put killer instinct and streetfighter next to eachother, the graphics of killer instinct is very impressive- the lighting the detail and the effects and environment look very impressive compared to streetfighter.

google both and you would be surprised- i used to be a skeptic as well. killer instinct is after alll 1080p 60 fps.

CoryHG1700d ago

It runs and looks well, i played at E3. But it's not "spectacular"

1700d ago
die_fiend1700d ago

He expected next gameplay from Crytek?! *splutters*

1700d ago
deputyspade1699d ago

Big surprise! Microsoft was running the games on Nvidia GTX cards at E3 and now when people play them on their true xbone hardware they are very underwhelmed. Not surprising at all.

GT671699d ago

ok, can we start calling them x1 or the one and 4 now??

we all know it is xbox 1 and ps4 like we did with 360 an ps3 STARTING NEW GEN CONSOLE. start calling them x1 and 4

CalvinKlein1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

well its a fighting game so yeah, make it look worse and it will be able to run on 360. Honestly what do these people expect. People confuse power with innovation. More power doesnt mean that suddenly tons of new games will be arriving that couldnt be done in the past. Fighting games now are not that much different then they were back in the day, except visuals. FPS havent changed much, no type of games have changed much over gens.

All that happens is an improvement and more room to innovate if they have an idea of how to do that. less limitations doesnt mean that suddenly a fighting game will be open world and be controlled by your brain waves or some shit.

anyone who doesnt think we will be seeing a major difference in thse games is dumb, blind, a noob or maybe all of these things. just wait till you actually play these games, you will understand.

just like this gen when people claimed halo 3 looked like halo 2. I laughed because even upscaled halo 2 looked like shit compared to halo 3.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1700d ago

Hmm well we will just have to see what Microsoft can do once it actually launches

Thomper1700d ago

When you see a beard like that, I just think "big gay bear"

Oh, and Killer Instinct looks fracking awesome!

claudionmc1700d ago

poor xbox fanboy... come on! wake up!

NoobJobz1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Because he thinks a game looks good? Hmm. I've seen many fanboyish comments on this site. That didn't seem to be one of them.

If anything, it was discrimination against guys with beards.

strifeblade1700d ago

what is wrong with that killer instinct looks great as a fighting game and the graphics are a step up from current gen. Dont know what people are complaining about- i mean what do you want an OPEN WORLD FIGHTING GAME? no it is a one on one fighter- i mean besides prettier graphics what else can they do lol

Thomper1699d ago

Exactly... Fighters are fighters, don't mess with the formula, or it isn't a fighter.

KI is looking and sounding fantastic.

Thomper1699d ago

So being a "big gay bear" is a negative?? Not at all. If you interpreted it that way, then I suggest it is your problem.

As for KI.... Best looking fighter ever, bar none. And I have played a lot of them.

Einhert1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I'm not really buying into the whole advancement of graphics thing alone with these new consoles.

I really want to see gameplay advance as well, I would love to see the scope and interactivity of games increase to a new level.

ryse, & killer instinct don't seem to be doing anything particularly new in the gameplay department in terms of scope or interactivity. Does not by any means make them bad games, just I'm hoping for something more.

colonel1791700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I believe that the focus in this generation will be seamless multiplayer (like they have shown with The Crew) and Open World. However, just like Ryse, games that are linear such as Uncharted, God of War, etc. will have amazing graphics, as well as cinematic experience.

It's too early though to see any changes in gameplay. Maybe starting 1 or 2 years after the consoles are out, that there will be a game that everybody will be amazed and everything else will copy it.

claudionmc1700d ago

you CANNOT compare uncharted with ryse... 10 secs of gameplay in uncharted are more fun that 2 minutes pressing the same button in ryse


How do you advance gameplay without a new way to interact with the game? This is what Kinect offers, I'm no fan of Kinect when it comes to it replacing a controller but I can see the potential in the device. Gamers always cry they want new this and that but then when someone trys to innovate they get shit on by the very same gamers...

karl1700d ago

i agree.. yet kinect is not the device we were hoping for..

as long as we hold a controllers gameplay wont change...

a camera isnt the answer though.. with no feedback or any way to feel conected to the game..

its nothing but a barrier between u and the games... the controller at least can be felt in your hands

Einhert1700d ago

Kinect is not a viable alternative

I meant maybe using a different system as opposed to the arkham/ass creed method of one button presses.

maybe have different buttons for different swings and have a directional parry system?

Mix it up.

Maddens Raiders1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

"I'm beginning to understand why our first introduction to the Xbox One focused on cable TV and streaming video and second-screen tech — it's the experience between and beyond the games that will define this console, and until I have a chance to sit down with that bit, I'm standing by my "hmmm."

..."it's the experience between and beyond the games that will define this console"...

This is news to me. Call me old fashioned, but I just need and want a gaming console that is made for the experience of gaming. I can see that this generation is going to go down between the gaming console and the gaming console disguised in DVR clothing. My popcorn is ready.

Consoldtobots1700d ago

not to mention that the irony is so thick it's delicious. We just went through an entire generation of microsoft fanboys calling the PS3 a "bluray player". Now they have a bluray player on steroids.

Urusernamesucks1700d ago

Oh the irony irony is thick. With the entire generation of sony fanboys Criticizing 360 users of paying to play online. Now look at all of us. Happy and paying.

Thegamer411699d ago

"Sony fanboys" criticized 360 users for paying for their subscriptions twice (netflix etc).
Also online is still free on PS4 on some games so its not needed to access virtually everything like on Xbox.