Wii U : Games Coming in August 2013

Now that we're embarking on a new month, you may want to know more about the games coming out, This article will remind you of all the Wii U games coming out in August.

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mewhy321848d ago

Maybe we shouldn't count out the Wii U just yet.

Gamer781847d ago

The Wii U is really just getting started, so I couldn't agree more.

Africa-Garvey1847d ago

we need PES 2014 not just those kiddy games

Gamer781847d ago

PES 2014 would be nice but I don't consider Splinter Cell or Pikmin to be kiddy games. All of these games need to sell in order to get PES and other major multi-plat games on the Wii U, also.

Nevers0ft1846d ago

With The Wonderful 101, Splinter Cell and Rayman all (hopefully) coming out in the EU next month I'm beginning to wonder where I'll find the time to play them... Although I'm not letting a 1st world problem like that stop me from trying - to hell with sleep and personal hygiene!