Corsual LiveGuide: Age of Wulin Escort Missions

Corsual's EXP writes: "There's nothing quite so cool as watching groups of more than 20 people work together in unison to complete a common goal, and in Age of Wulin, being a part of a guild means exactly that. In an open PvP world filled with villains, bandits and rival guild hit squads roaming free, it pays to come prepared.

Escort Missions, daily guild activities that require players to protect carts as they cross the lands, not only provide great guild benefits like increased cash flow, but too, they provide an amazing testing ground for a guilds ability to work together cohesively as one unit.

In this Corsual LiveGuide, we rally the troops and march forward on various different escort missions, experimenting with different routes and composing new strategies and tactics. Towards the end, we break to entice bandits, then spring a trap to see them defeated, before switching sides to become bandits ourselves.

Check out today's VOD below to see for yourself:"

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