The incredible potential of Kinect 2.0 and SmartGlass

We discuss the potential of the new Kinect and Smartglass to improve gaming experiences for core games.

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pedrof931796d ago

Microsoft should release kinect as a smart webcam for every computer.

Ashlen1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Kinect is a novelty.

The fact is, it's never going to replace the controller for 95% of game genres out there.

Most people are not going to want to do jumping jacks to run around in COD. Only specific types of games like dancing games will ever work well with Kinect.

Not to mention most of these promises are the same things Microsoft said about the first Kinect and those never panned out. I seem to remember scanning in a skateboard and saying players would be able to scan things into games that never happened. As well as them promising that it would be responsive enough to play games also untrue.

1796d ago
Excalibur1796d ago

Not interested in either of them.

golding891796d ago

good for you. high five!? (sarcasm)

Ron_Danger1796d ago

Ahh... The word potential. The one word we've heard from fanboys about the Kinnect since its original reveal. Back when they showed fake videos of a player interacting with a character on screen or hiding behind a couch as cover and shooting at enemies. Back when they mislead gamers into thinking they would have a Minority Report style of gaming. Back when you could scan in your skate board and use it in game. Back when they pretended on stage at E3 to have a light saber battle.

Then for the next few years following that we heard "wait till Games Con..." Then it was "wait till TGS...". And again with Kinnect 2.0 we're still hearing people defend this product by its potential.

And before anyone rants about Sony's Move controller, I have one and only use it for the 3 House of the Dead games and Child of Eden.

The motion control ship has sailed. Voice control is just a gimmick that you don't even need Kinnect for (Tom Clancy's End War for example).

Silentscope1796d ago

In all fairness, the voice control in End War barely worked. I have VERY little trouble using Kinect with Mass Effect 3. I truly liked to use voice commands in games like Mass Effect 3 because I didn't have to pause the combat and select what my squad mates would do, I could just tell them to do it.

Excalibur1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Another thing people need to realize is sure the first Kinect may have sold 20 million units or whatever but what was it's attach rate?

I for one have a Kinect, my GF bought one because she wanted to be more involved in my gaming, she bought it and one of the exercise programs, she used it for a few weeks and then it sat there for 5-6 months collecting dust, I disconnected it and never touched it again, I'm quite sure i'm not the only one with a story like that.

Kinect is a novelty and should NOT be forced on users.

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