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R.I.P.D. The Game is based off the movie which is based off the comic book which is probably based off of something else. This co-op multiplayer brings the action to your home, is this a game that will make you feel like you’re sending the dead back to where they belong or should this game Rest in Peace [Department]?

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Bleucrunch1822d ago

When will Hollywood realize that we gamers do not purchase these games that coincide with the release of its respective movie. They are rushed and insult our intelligence as gamers. The last good one for me was the Matrix the first one, after that the others that I have played were clearly trash in my opinion. In conclusion....NO THANKS!!!

Hercules1891821d ago

The matrix was really an underrated game. It had amazing graphics and the gameplay seemed better than Max Paynes. And spiderman 2 was also a really good game too.

Enemy1822d ago

Terrible just like the movie. How anyone could ruin a concept such as R.I.P.D. is beyond me. Ryan Reynolds doesn't help either.