GTA 5 Weapons List Icons

Gameranx: "Here's every weapon and utility item icon in Grand Theft Auto 5."

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Lone_Man1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

parachute + C4 = awesomeness!

r1sh121796d ago

The author Ian Miles Cheong wrote this for hits..
I mean the article says "but it's a good chunk of them" I mean thats only 8 weapons..

Dont forget about the jetpack, different types of grenade, the SMG's and different types of pistols that are likely to be in the game.. (From GTA IV, Max Payne).
Lets not forget the flame thrower, or molitov cocktails..

Many of the weapons I have mentioned are likely to be in the game, because its what makes going on a rampage fun (Single player)..

Gameranx just wants hits.

BehindGames1796d ago

yes it s not even 10% of the weapons

MestreRothN4G1796d ago

They really don't deserve their 1.5 stars.

Phene1796d ago

I like how they all have rails on them for attachments

Einhert1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

that's because it has been confirmed that there is weapon attachments in the game!

I look forward to tricking out a glock

Phene1796d ago

lol oh I know ...some games just give you attachments. I think this is a nice little cosmetic touch, adds a little bit of realism. But yeh I agree, I'll be putting lasers and silencers on everything lol

teezy1796d ago

The parachute could being some very interesting and fun scenarios.

SIRHC131796d ago

I hate pathetic articles like these.

"Every"? Really?

They just ripped those from the weapon wheel in the trailer.

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