Nintendo Fails to Explain Earthbound's Steep Price

GR - "Nintendo failed to clarify why Earthbound costs more than other games on the Wii U."

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FateoftheGame1768d ago

Is an extra $2 really that "steep"?

The reason behind the price seems logical from an economic standpoint. Nintendo knows Earthbound hasn't been released in any official capacity since the SNES. The company knows the SNES cartridge is very valuable. It knows the demand for the game is high and supply is low; thus, you have a higher price.

As a consumer, would I rather pay $8 than $10? Sure. Ultimately, I would like it most if I paid nothing for the game, but that's not realistic.

A much bigger pricing issue with Nintendo is the price of the Wii U Deluxe Bundle.

Ratty1768d ago

Emulation isn't illegal if you own the original cartridge. It's also kind of a gray area when the software was never licensed in your country. Of course in this particular case it was but you know.

Firan1768d ago


It's illegal to download and play ROMs whether or not you own a copy of the game.

PopRocks3591768d ago

An emulator and ROM won't convince Nintendo that it's worth making more Mother/Earthbound games. Not saying sales for this digital release guarantee anything, but illegal downloading certainly won't do anything to help.

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specialguest1768d ago

Sure, it makes sense on the business side, maximizing their profit margin by exploiting the fans, but it doesn't seem right from a gamers ponit of view. It makes perfect sense that the original cartridge version is highly priced and valued, but with a digital version, the cost is no different than any digital version of an snes game to host for dl. There is no supply and demand her folks, since its all digital.

FateoftheGame1768d ago

I doubt anyone who pays $10 for Earthbound truly feels "exploited." It's not like Nintendo is forcing people to work in mines. Likewise, you don't have to buy Earthbound.

This isn't the first time Nintendo has charged more for certain SNES games. On the Wii Virtual Console, SNES games cost an extra $1 if they had never been released in the United States. And people were willing to pay for these games. So there is something to be said about supply and demand for physical games and how that might inspire people to pay slightly more - I emphasize slightly - for a digital copy of rarer games.

_QQ_1768d ago

Well they are a business.

specialguest1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Like i said, i do understand the business part, but as a gamer, it doesn't seem right. Imagine if publishers started to charge $70 'just because they can' and they know based on popularity of the game that people will buy it because theres no other legal alternatives if you want to play it. I just don't like the 'just because we can' part of it.

3-4-51767d ago

Article Writer fails to use appropriate wording and relies on tabloid media tactics to gain hits.

thezeldadoth1768d ago

another article stretching to find something to bash nintendo over. no site is free from fanboy pandering trolls these days.

matgrowcott1768d ago

The price of Nintendo's digital content is very much something they deserve to be criticized for. Compared to other consoles, their whole store is ridiculously overpriced.

Not everything is a stretch or somebody trolling.

Trago13371768d ago

I didn't know 10 buck for a rare game was steep. I mean a cartridge of the game goes up to like 300 bucks online.

I'd understand if they were making us pay like 30 dollars.

matgrowcott1768d ago

It isn't a rare game.

In fact, if you head onto the Wii U store, there are literally an infinite amount of copies.

If you want a cartridge, that's a different story.

Trago13371768d ago

You know what I meant lol

matgrowcott1768d ago


I did. You meant "because it's rare, they charge a lot."

That's a dangerous attitude to have with digital products.

FateoftheGame1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

No one is arguing that Earthbound or any digital download is "rare"; that makes no sense.

However, when you consider all of the ways that you can play the game (in addition to digital means), Earthbound is harder to find than many other high-demand titles.

matgrowcott1768d ago

"However, when you consider all of the ways that you can play the game (in addition to digital means), Earthbound is harder to find than many other high-demand titles."

Not if you own a Wii U. So saying that it's a rare game, so that's why they're charging so much is a ridiculous statement.

If they had 100 digital copies to give out, sure, THEN you could justify that as a reason it was more expensive.

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IcicleTrepan1768d ago

If this were on PS3/PS4 they'd be falling over themselves about how cheap it is

cpayne931768d ago

I don't think so, most ps1 games on the ps store are cheaper than snes and n64 games on wii u.

byeGollum1768d ago

Folks will always find a reason to complain. it's what we do.

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