Diehard GameFAN: 10 Thoughts on… Anno Online

DHGF: As a kid, I spent hours sitting with my dad in front of the computer playing 1602 A.D. (as it was released in Australia, Canada, and the US; the rest of the world knows it as Anno 1602), and to a lesser extent, 1503 A.D. (Anno 1503 to everyone who isn’t North American). We got to be pretty good at it, and really loved creating custom maps, though we rarely played with anyone else. I have very fond memories of the games as a result, especially 1602 A.D. I hadn’t actually heard that they were making Anno Online until it was posted about in our staff forums, and I’m… probably the only one who was excited about hearing that more was coming from this series. The game’s in beta right now, due to come out sometime this year, so I popped in to see what Ubisoft’s been doing with this free-to-play browser game.

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