Ginx- Pikmin 3 Review

Ginx:Ahh. The GameCube. Perhaps Nintendo's most interesting console, maybe even our favourite in their 30 plus year history. It had everything - great Mario, great Zelda, great Metroid, great Smash Brothers, great Donkey Kong and great F-Zero – we loved F-Zero. But it wasn't just the old reliable franchises that made the GameCube special - it had new names and new ideas as well; and nothing waved this flag with more pride than the original Pikmin. Pikmin was a statement; that the GameCube was going to be bold, fun and innovative – and it was. Flash-forward over a decade; and Nintendo have a new console – the Wii U, a console crying out for such a wonderful game. Could that game in fact be a Pikmin game? Let’s find out. This is Pikmin 3.

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