Ouya Exclusive TowerFall Manages to Sell 2,000 Copies

The Android powered gaming console Ouya launched a month ago to a lukewarm reception. Yes, the console was instantly sold out at some retailers in under a couple of hours of launch. However, comparing its success on Kickstarter; things have been relatively slow in the real world market.

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mewhy321699d ago

I'd really like to see this little console succeed.

sherimae24131699d ago

me too ^_^
the ouya forums, are full of passionate and optimistic fans no hostility, i liked that ^_^

HammadTheBeast1698d ago

I don't want to sound pessimistic.... but wasn't this being hailed as the 'PS4 and Xbox One killer'? Bit of a letdown.

lastofgen1698d ago

yes, it was.
I can pull up several articles to prove it, but you can just do a simple search and you'll find them easy.

die_fiend1698d ago

If you didn't want to sound pessimistic, maybe you wouldn't have written that...

Gamer Muzz1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I think the Ouya represents everything that's wrong with gaming today.
It's success could open the floodgates to consoles that will take away any vestige of true ownership gamers will ever have of the games they fork up their hard earned money for.
It eliminates collecting and denies us the ability to find value in our old games.
Someday, support for the ouya will cease. when that day comes and ouya owners no longer have access to the games they purchased, the lesson will be learned.
not only do I hope it fails, but I hope it sets the digital distribution business model for video game retail back another 10 years.