Can Destiny Surpass Halo?

"As we continue to learn and see more of Destiny, it seems to possibly be the most exciting and ambitious title to watch out for next-gen. Bungie is shooting for the stars with this one and I don’t think the consoles have witnessed anything like it. We have shared some of our thoughts below on what makes this game so groundbreaking and have also included quotes from Pete Parsons from Bungie in which he shares his thoughts on Destiny." -BootHammer

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SuperLupe1848d ago

Not so sure man, most big budget multiplat games dont do Halo numbers. I remember Halo 3 doing something like 14 million copies. Im not even sure Assassins Creed doest those kind of sales.

As for quality wise, I dont see a MMO (or whatever Destiny is) being as epic and personal as a full out Halo game.

Maninja1848d ago

That's the thing Bungies trying to do though. They're trying to turn this online shooter(not an MMO) as epic and personal as Halo, though after Halo 4 I'm pretty sure this will become more popular because many fans(including myself) were let down by Halo 4, and given how the next Halo is going to be on Xbox One(and how the PS4 is performing better in terms of preorders) I'd say Destiny has a pretty fair chance at surpassing Halo

Mainsqueeze1847d ago

I think most Halo fans will recognize its Bungie and purchase destiny as well. Plus being multiplate will help it sell more too.

BootHammer1848d ago

I wonder which platform will gather the largest audience?

The Meerkat1848d ago

It's a shooter.

I'm sure you can guess.

Septic1848d ago

Its a good question actually.

The PS4 appears to be the one that will get the most definitive version of the game (exclusive content + best looking/performing) but like Meerkat said, MS fans love their shooters.

Who knows. Also, the PS4's increasing popularity and cheaper price point might mean we might see the PS4 with the larger number of players.

demonddel1848d ago

Boy I tell ya here we go again @septic how the hell you know if the PS4 version is going to be better looking

1848d ago
SuperLupe1848d ago

In la la land Destiny looks better on the PS4. Oh and I thought timed exclusive dlc was MS scam. Now its an advantage when its on the PS4.

Septic1848d ago

Well, I've never said timed dlc was a scam. In fact, I recognise timed exclusivity of Titanfall (if it is indeed timed) for the Xbox One as a big coup for Microsoft. It may appear on PC, but what if you don't game on PC?

But seriously, the chances are that Destiny will run better on the PS4 judging by its specs alone and Bungie's strong collaboration with Sony. I'm not saying that, that will definitely be the case but that's what I suspect will happen judging by what we know already.

Maninja1848d ago

We have no reason to believe that the Playstation exclusive content is timed exclusive, so yeah, right now it is exclusive until proven otherwise. And Bungie did say "The great thing about our new engine is that it lets us squeeze every bit of awesome out of every platform." The Playstation 4 is more powerful than the Xbox One(it's not up for debate, the specs say so) so Bungie would be able to squeeze more awesome out of the PS4 than the Xbox One
source: http://www.playstationlifes...

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kratos_TheGoat1848d ago

In my opinion ps4 but don't underestimate x1 just yet

MultiConsoleGamer1848d ago

In sales? Maybe. In popularity and devoted fanbase? No.

I'm not alone when I say I think Destiny looks completely mediocre. I'm hoping Bungie proves me wrong with the final product.

Geezus1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

yeah i agree... it will probably pass in sales since its coming out on every console known to man except wii lol. But in popularity and fan base idk Halo is Ms's Mario its huge and for a good reason and it already has an established fanbase and a great lore. Honestly imo Destiny is remeniscent of Halo with an MMO playfactor and Bungie for a good reason didnt go to far away from the Space Marine Fps idea cuz they know it works. I am just preparing myself for the halo is dead comments that will surely be spouted by the ignoramuses on this site and beyond lol i am sure they will come but Halo and Destiny are different games and they will and can coexist.
Plus comparing an exclusive title to a multiplat is unfair using that same logic we can say Destiny can surpass Killzone or Gears... at least in sales.

Einhert1848d ago

I agree, nothing about it looked mind blowing or particularly innovative.

Well from what I have seen I just seen two guys run through a linear scripted area making bad jokes fighting against enemies very similar to those from Halo.

SuperLupe1848d ago

I cant believe somebody else doesnt see what on planet earth is so fantastic about Destiny. The graphics look good ok, but absolutely nothing seems be particularly fun or special according to what they've shown so far.
All I see is a lot of PR hype from activision and Bungie and some Sony supporters because it has some exclusive DLC and was showcased on the PS4 at E3.
From what I've seen so far give me TitanFall or BF4 to keep me patient until Halo 5.

medman1847d ago

"Destiny looks completely mediocre." This guy probably thinks TitanFall looks great.

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Iltapalanyymi1848d ago

mmmmmaybe. i dont know yet. bungie did say this is going to be at least a trilogy. halo has a prettybig fanbase so....

pr0t0typeknuckles1848d ago

in sales,i would assume it would since its multiplatform,in terms of gameplay and experience maybe,bungie is making it,theyre trying something new,theyre trying to outdo their past work,as all great developers should,so its a wait and see for me.

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