PS4 Has Less Risk Of Failing Consoles

NowGamer: "While not nearly as much of an epidemic as Microsoft's Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death, the PS3's equivalent - the Yellow Light Of Death - has been the bane of many a PS3 gamer this generation.

Thankfully it seems like the PS4 won't suffer from such problems."

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iamnsuperman1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

The PS3 had overheating problems? It got hot but I wouldn't say it overheated.

(I had a YLOD but that was after 4.5 years of constant use. Seems a reasonable time period for a console to die as my laptops barely last 3 years before things start to slow down and go wrong)

SynGamer1853d ago

Excellent point, though electronics these days seem to last less than electronics of old. But then again, when I think of my PS1 (original), that thing lasted almost 10 years.

That said, the key to the PS4 (and Xbox One) is they are using chips originally designed for mobile devices/tablets. They use less power and put out less heat. Sony and AMD confirmed that the PS3 chip has been customized, but I honestly don't think heat will be an issue. We're talking small chips + large area of cooling. :)

mewhy321853d ago

Well Sony has great engineering. Their cooling solutions have always been topnotch. I don't expect that there will be any issues with overheating.

MWong1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

@ iamnsuperman
I would agree the PS3 didn't have the same rate of failure as the XB360. Not to the extent the writer makes it out to be. I've only had 1 YLOD, my original fat boy 60GB PS3 and have bought 2 PS3 2nd gen (1 for me the other my brother).

@ SnyGamer
I agree with you. The smaller chip requires less power and will of course put out less heat. Not to mention all the vents on the unit lol. The thing I am curious about was he talking about the dev kit or the PS4? Specifically with this "Additionally it is revealed that the PS4 has a maximum clock efficiency of 2.75GHz."

I just wonder what the hell the XBone has under the hood to require such a huge brick design. Besides that fan that can cool your house.

medziarz1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Guys, the Operating Temperature most likely refers to the room temperature the system is designed to operate in. So it is not during Californian heat waves nor in refrigerator temperatures.

35oC is below human body temperature (36.6) so I doubt the system itself doesn't get hotter than me.

Oh, and also the 2.75 GHz has to do with RAM, not the CPU core clock. This is is half of the effective 5.5 Ghz - DDR stands for Data Dual Rate - resulting in 176 GB/s.

MWong1853d ago

They'll probably also release a fan attachment like the PS3 had.

GameSpawn1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

9000 Series PS1 (Last one made before the slim redesign) - STILL WORKS!

2nd Run PS2 bought off a friend for $50 - Had the laser problem and wouldn't read double layer DVDs; sold it to a game shop that "tested" it and it worked so they payed me $100 for it (lol); took the $100 and used it to buy a new one (need to look at my model # again; without the laser issue) and it still runs today - even have the hard drive and network adapter on it.

Original Launch 60GB PS3 - Worked for 4 years with thousands on thousands of hours of use (I left it on a week straight for [email protected] a couple times BTW) before red lighting on me (I'm pretty sure the power supply kicked the bucket); replaced it with a 1st gen 250GB Slim and it's been running fine since

dedicatedtogamers1853d ago

Another factor to consider in the reliability of next-gen consoles:

PS4 has been in development since 2008. Xbox One has been in development since 2010. It's pretty clear (based on rumors, insider info, and simple common sense) that the PS4 reveal in February caught Microsoft off guard. MS was silent for several months before they revealed the XBox One, which only showed off three games and a user-interface that was faked.

And then E3 rolls around and it's revealed that certain Xbox One demos were running on PCs, not "target spec" PCs or dev kits but PCs with specs WAAAAY beyond what the XBox One is going to have.

clearelite1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Exactly, many small processors.

Chips similar to those in devices without ANY cooling fan, sitting in a small area next to a ridiculously large battery.

Now with the extra space for cooling, a decent power supply, bus configuration, GPU, etc. they can really crank up the power.

It's a thing of beauty.

LonDonE1853d ago

EXACTLY, its the xbox one buyers who should be worried, after the red ring of death fiasco, with a 56% fail rate, its the one i have my money on for going wrong, Sony build quality electronic products, this is fact, they have been making great products for ages, and not just for the playstation, i have been a Sony fan since i was a kid, i got the Sony bug from my parents, and they got it from their parents, even though most Sony products were always more expensive then their rivals, you knew that the sony brand meant the product would be reliable for years and years.

Also in my personal experience, all the Sony products i have ever bought or my parents have ever bought have always been more advanced with features and tech, and so would last a long time, and stay relevant due to Sony being ahead of the curve always, i buy EVERYTHING SONY if i get the chance, my smart phone Sony xperia,my Sony Erickson phone, my Sony bravia hdtv,my multiple Sony games consoles, my Sony sound system,hifi,etc, Sony camcorder,my Sony digital camera, seriously they make great reliable products! you cant go wrong with Sony!!!

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TimmyShire1853d ago

It's anecdotal I guess. I've personally had 5 different PS3's thanks to YLOD.

Let me explain:
First PS3 (original 60GB) broke because the bluray laser dropped and wouldn't read game discs.
After that I had MULTIPLE referb PS3s, all of which died because of YLOD.

I'm now on my 6th PS3 and I demanded a brand new PS3 from Sony instead of the crappy refurbs it was sending me and it's lasted longer than any of the previous PS3s - so I guess I know what the problem is!

Still, it's a notorious problem for me, so glad to hear it won't be such an issue with PS4.

Minute Man 7211853d ago

It does happen, My brother went thru 4 PS2s and myself 2 PS2s. This gen no problems PS3 running 6 years and counting

mcstorm1853d ago

Lol Like how you got 2 Disagree's. I think it is part luck to with things like this. I had 2 360s and 2 PS3s and I had one of each give me YOLD and RROD but I know people who have had numerous PS3's and 360s with the issues.

TimmyShire1853d ago

@Minute Man 721 + mcstorm

Yep! Definitely a matter of luck and this gen I've been really unlucky. It's not like I'm abusive to my PS3! :) Just sits there quietly (mostly) playing my games.

tigertron1853d ago

and here was me thinking being on my 5th PS3 was bad!

Well, *touchwood* my first and only Slim has been performing well, so hopefully due to the advances in technology i.e. the PS4's smaller power supply because of less power consumption, I think we will see a smaller failure rate and *fingers crossed* a quieter console.

user55757081853d ago

from what I've seen it was only the larger ps3's that had the issue

2 of my friends had fat ps3's and got YLOD however I havent heard anyone having problems with the slim model

Phene1853d ago

lol thats some bad luck. I've had 4, and none of them broke. My slim has been on pretty much everyday for hours, mostly watching video ...and apart from just becoming noisier, it was solid as a rock

Enemy1853d ago

Dust causes YLOD, not heat.

LonDonE1852d ago

YES, and i have had 7 xbox 360's, all red ringed on me, i have owned multiples of some models,the arcade,the premium,the elite,the slim, and all failed on me!!! statisticslly you were more likely to have a 360 go dead on you then a ps3, this is fact, and since sony have had a much longer history of making great reliable electronic products, i trust them 100%!!

as a gamer i think, EVERYONE knows someone who has had problems with red ring of death, but with YLOD its less common, the 360 fail rate was at 56%, that is disgusting!!!!! sorry but Microsoft knowingly sold flawed faulty hard ware, and only implemented the extended warranties after being threatened with being sued, this is unacceptable!

I hated when i would sit down to do some gaming after a long hard day at work,and after a hour or two, BAM! i would get hit with the red ring of death, its why they lost me as a customer,even though i own a slim 360, NO ONE TOUCHES IT!! instead in my house, me and my wife and kids play on my launch fatty PS3 and slim PS3 which both work flawlessly, as does our wii, and wii u and the countless retro consoles of old alongside my gaming pc!

and Microsoft instead of sending me back a replacement console with said flaws fixed, they were just sending everyone refurbished flawed consoles all over again,and so the cycle would rinse, then repeat, that's a terrible way to treat your customers,and what's worse is that their were so many different versions of the 360, and still all were flawed, Sony after shrinking the die size sorted any problems they were having, which was well within accepted fail rates, the 360 on the other hand was terrible, they had drive fails, gpu fails, ana chip fails, you name it, they had it, LOL

So for me, and most smart gamers, Sony will always be a more reliable choice when it comes to build quality and reliability!!

kingPoS1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I got my first PS3 in 2008, it was used from ebay. It worked like a charm... till winter. It just so happened that it just finished a HDD back up, only for my brother to play GTA4 right after. It didn't help that it was too close to a heat vent. It baked like a chicken in Dec 2009. lol

2nd one was a 120gb slim that I bought in Jan 2010. (still going strong)

After some deliberation I sent the my 60gb in for a referb. In 2012 that same referb died a soldiers death having put up with a five hour plus netflix marathon coupled with a two hour GTA4 session from my niece.

Moral of the story - Buy your PS3 new. lol

Gameratheart1852d ago

Idiots are disagreeing with what happened to this guys systems? Why? Fanboys are so fucking stupid, you morons are an embarrassment to the human race. Take your console manufacturers proverbial cock out of your fanboy mouths.... Enough of the fanboy ignorance.

miyamoto1852d ago

my PS3 will be 4 years old in September and its often left on and running for more than 24 hours a day because I turn off the TV but always forget to turn off my PS3 :-(

RedDevils1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

weird I never had any problems you guys are having, from ps1, ps2 and current ps3 I have not need to buy/replace any of them. PS1 & PS2 to this day still running fine, and my current Ps3 (phat) still running except it make loud noise like a jet LOL thankfully PS4 is right around the corner :)

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HardcoreGamer211853d ago

my xbox 360(arcade) broke after less than 1 year of usage then i bought an other xbox 360 and it is still workign for 4 years now. 2 years ago i brought a ps3 and it is still not brocken.

mark134uk1853d ago

i had 2 xbox360 rrod in under 2 years,i have a fat ps3 5 years and still going strong

Angeljuice1853d ago

My PS3 60gig launch model died within 3 months (Christmas day), but I got a replacement before the new year. When that YLOD'ed it was out of warranty, so I learned how to fix them.

I have 5 opened PS3's at the moment (pick them up for <£20 each). It takes a few hours to fix them.

What generally seems to happen is the fan loses rpm over time, the console gets increasingly hotter until the solder softens around a component and looses contact.

If your PS3 still overheats too quickly after a thorough cleaning, consider buying a £20 fan, it may save you from YLOD.

Themba761853d ago

yea I ran through 4 360's myself

andibandit1853d ago

Friend of mine went thru 3 ps3 in 6 years, talk about bad luck

rainslacker1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )


Last week was the first time since launch I had to repair my PS3. It stopped reading Blu-Rays, so I decided it was time to clean the lens properly with rubbing alcohol(Im a smoker, which isn't good for the lens). Pretty easy stuff since I've repaired systems in the PS2/PS1 days for extra cash. Never opened a PS3 though.

My house isn't particularly dusty, but I was shocked at how much dust was in the system despite me vacuuming it once a month with a vacuum attachment as suggested. The fan was surprisingly dust free except a bit around the edge. I took the whole system apart, vacuumed and wiped down everything, and put it back together(only one screw left over after reassembly).

Since then I'm really shocked at how much quieter it runs. Before the fan would speed up to full after about 3 minutes of use, and often stay there for heavy games. Now it may speed up for 30 seconds to a minutes during an intensive game, but goes pretty quiet most of the time.

I think I'm going to re-flow mine, as well as buy one of the quieter 19 blade fans(mine has the 15). Also want to replace the heat pads and heat sink gel.

I'm building a new entertainment center which has a special mount to increase the airflow(ala the can lift method...just nicer looking). I'm considering getting a slim or new slim and just delegate my phat to BC. Probably wait for a price drop though since it's not pressing.

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nukeitall1853d ago

When you add complexity with more parts, and each part is even more complex and has a narrower margin of failure, then it is far more likely to fail, yes.

That applies to almost all devices.

It is more about how well the company treats you when [email protected] hits the fan. Besides, consoles and TV seems to be the only thing people keep for a long time. Every other electronic is replaced far more often and is practically a non-issue.

rainslacker1852d ago

Many electronics today are actually built to fail after a while for planned obsolescence. Most people don't upgrade until something breaks, and companies were making too good a product. Nowadays it's a way to help push new technologies. Since things are more expensive to make now, it's understandable why they want you to always be upgrading.

mistertwoturbo1853d ago

My brother in Law still has a 40gb PS3 phat, used every single day and still alive and kicking. Not bad for a 6 year old piece of hardware.

LonDonE1852d ago

yep me too, i gave my first ps3 40gb away to my little bro, it still works flawless, and so does my current fatty 80gb, and slim 160gb!!

RedDevils1852d ago

haha same but with my 60gb :D

lento1853d ago

Original phat ps3 just died a few days ago when I started playing the last of us. Got me a new slim now. Was obviously disappointed it didn't last till my ps4 came but hey the sexy fat beast lasted what.. 7 years of hard use? Damn fine... Damn fine. Rest in peace phat... You may rest now.

Bathyj1853d ago

Same here. Last of us killed my launch day console. It still works but shuts down by itself. I'm gonna trade it and my Xbox in in a ps4 while they're still going.

HammadTheBeast1853d ago

The Last of Us is too great to run on that. It demands to be run on new hardware.

rainslacker1852d ago

My laser was so dirty it stopped working during the last of us when starting the system. Had to put the game in several times. A good cleaning helped. Not really the games fault though. Different scenario, just thought I'd share.

ovnipc1853d ago

Both consoles are designed to fail. They have to fail after 3 or 4 years. so you go and buy another one. of the 79kPS3 sony sold 25% come from broken systems people buy again. Or maybe more. Xbox the same. PS3 Slims and xbox Slims Im talkinga about 2nd Gen, PS3 has wayyy more problems overheating YLOD Blu Ray problems. Xbox slim only problem its dvd drive, but no overheating problem.

MysticStrummer1853d ago

The PS3 failure rate was never as high as 25%, not even close, and the 360 failure rate was much higher than 25% for a time. The failure rate numbers aren't just from RRoD and YLoD, they count all failures.

fourOeightshark1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that launch PS3 failure rate was 10% and 360 was 40%.

FITgamer1853d ago

If they are designed to fail then SONY f**ked up when they made the batch my console came from. I've had my PS3 since January 2008 and it's had heavy usage and no issues at all.

kreate1852d ago

gameinformer reported

xbox360 - 54.2%
ps3 - 10.3%
Wiis - 6.8%

failure rate

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D-riders1853d ago

agree yellow light of death shouldnt even be considered in the category with RROD

Craigatorian1853d ago

I can hear the overheating from my PS3 when I play my games

FITgamer1853d ago

Exactly how do you hear overheating?

5eriously1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Duh, The fan speeds up to max rpm. So he could hear it per se'

Jaces1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Think they should write an article about the Bone, hoping it won't have the same problems that plagued the 360 for so many years.

My fat PS3 died on my after 5 years and even then I was given a replacement of the same model for $100. Refurbished or not it looked brand new. Now I just display her while my slim get's all the attention. ;P

strifeblade1853d ago

my launch ps3 died within 2 and a half years after barely any use. And yes the ylod is the same problem as the rrod that plagued xbox. However xbox died within months/days but playstation lasted longer. The fix for the ylod was to apply thermal paste on the areas that were melted away.

Sideras1853d ago

Still have my 60GB, got it on the european release day. No problems here.

mayberry1853d ago

My 60G is still great too! Its on everyday since launch.

1nsomniac1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I've had 3 PS3's since release all with YLOD all sitting in a completely open space, although my room itself does get quite hot.

The fact that it was investigated openly several times including TV's 'Watchdog' etc indicates it was a much bigger problem than you claim. Not to mention the Blu-Ray failure rate.

I had as many failing PS3's as I did xbox 360's. Both were built very poorly.

This article is just stupidity feeding the stupid. The consoles not only havnt been released yet I wouldnt imagine they've even started large quantity manufacturing yet.

Hicken1852d ago

Just curious, but what was the results found in all those investigations? Cuz it seems to me that if it had been anywhere near as bad as 360- or even as bad as you claim- there would have been a much bigger deal made about it.

Fact: the PS3's failure rate was within acceptable limits for electronics.

Pretty hard to spin that.

Now, according to Cerny, the PS4 should have even less problems.

That must hurt your feelings or something, but you'll get over it eventually.

1nsomniac1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

It was (semi) 'proven' on many occasions that failure rate was far higher than Sony claimed acceptable limits for electronics - hence the reason for the Watchdog special & the separate BBC news investigation - do some research.

With the faulty YLOD, Blu-Ray & FW update failures the PS3 was easily on par with 360 failure rate.

Cerny claiming PS4 has even less problems just shows your ignorance & stupidity. First of all the fact he makes that statement confirms the first point was true & secondly do you actually think he would come out & say failure rate is not going to be improved??

Go join the rest of the sheep!

Hicken1852d ago

So you expect to have confirmed something by saying (semi)'proven?' It sounds as if you don't have a clue.

You're the one making the claim, not me. So I don't have to prove anything. You should be the one bringing up the research on this, not me.

Wild accusations with no factual basis, and no desire to even present the "evidence" which forms the crux of your claim... Yeah, you really convinced me.

isarai1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Well this just means it will take a lot longer than 4.5 years to fail now :)

AO1JMM1853d ago

My fat ps3 died 4 times and is currently dead. So trust me the PS3 did have heating issues, just not clearly as bad as the launch 360's

badkolo1852d ago

not sure about over heating but i did have a ps3 fat die on me and one on my friends , we also had 3 , 360's fail on us but at least we got free 360's , not so with the ps3

kevnb1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

ya cheap hardware wont last, expensive doesn't sell.. its actually more cost efficient to build a pc, take advantage of online sales, and replace any components as needed. Purchasing multiple consoles adds up quick.

1852d ago
CommonSense1852d ago

A system failing is reasonable when it's Sony. Thanks for maintaining the hypocritical, apologist trend on N4G. Can't get enough of it.

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Septic1853d ago

Yeah I think both companies should have learnt their lessons now from the YLOD and more importantly, RROD fiasco.

Still, how on earth is the PS4 be cooler yet so slim?! I don't get it lol. I'll just call it magic and leave it at that.

iamnsuperman1853d ago

"Still, how on earth is the PS4 be cooler yet so slim?! I don't get it lol. I'll just call it magic and leave it at that."

I know right and be more powerful as well. I understand tech gets better over time and things can get smaller but Sony are the first to actually make a Tardis

TimmyShire1853d ago

From what I can tell - and I'm no expert - it's the parts that matter. The PS3 has have high-power parts, but the PS4 has low-power, which take up less space and produce less heat.

Something to do with an APU or something. But the PC-like parts basically means it doesn't have to use so much power.

MariaHelFutura1853d ago

Dark Playstation Magick. What did you think the Dark Sorcerer tech demo was for?

XisThatKid1853d ago Show
nukeitall1853d ago

Why is it so cool?

By essentially stuffing low end parts into it!

The Xbox 360 and PS3 upon it's release was cutting edge and high end. Even a PC at the time would struggle to keep up.

Fast forward, and we got essentially mobile chips re-engineered from low end PCs and boosted a little.

Next generation console is just about 8-10 times as powerful, yet after 8 years, to keep up, it should have been closer to 16 times as powerful.

The good news, increasing power would have made very little difference for the experience or the graphics. You are limited to 1080p AND graphics is hitting ceiling on discernible difference.

The latter means, you need massive amount of difference by magnitudes of power to make a significant visual difference.

For comparison , two or three times more power on PC is often used to push higher resolution, not to increase effects.

Cuzzo631853d ago

Soooo wats your point... Its still a heck of a machine.... still cheaper than a pc. Still more accessible than a pc. Ease of use? Ps4 duh. Why do you pcssies keep crying about how much better the pc is. Well duh again... most guys wont even have a pc capable of the ps4. I mean why am I even wasting my fingers on this issue. For $400 I can have a ps4 over a weak azz $400 pc. Yea I said it lol.

Dont know why you are in every console debate glorifying pc and downing consoles. Just skimmed thru ya comments, its not that serious is it that your so negative. Do you get commission for every comment. A $200 dollar gcard over ps4.... debatable, but when did we start playing graphics cards lol.

Thehyph1853d ago

Agree and +bubble vote for knowing what you're talking about.
One of the best things to happen in the field of game graphics in a long time is the standard of 1080p. Increases in resolution make computer components work much harder and consume more juice.
I'm kind of on the fence about 4k for this reason. Sure, it's cool to see that significant of a jump in resolution, but I don't think current displays have seen their maximum potential yet. Increasing pixel density on your gaming display for example will be visually pleasing. Plus, the display itself takes the hit on power consumption and heat instead of the game processor.

Ironically, 10 years ago, people who were serious about competitive multiplayer in FPS games would opt to keep their CRT displays instead of upgrading to LCD. Pair a good CRT with a lower resolution and you would enter the lovely world of 120Hz.

Thehyph1853d ago

@Cuzzo63 I can't speak for @nukeitall's other comments, but I didn't take his post to be pro-PC or anti-console. To me, all he did was offer one of the better explanations of why the ps4 can have the size and power it does.

Salooh1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

To be fair , i agree. But cerny mentioned this.
''Lastly Cerny added that these developers "didn't want exotica", and that "if there was a GPU out there that could do real-time ray-tracing they did not want it in the PS4."

Though such technology would be "fascinating", said Cerny, the development teams would need to rebuild everything they knew from scratch just to make use of this GPU.''

So , developers asked for easy development instead of powerful console . You can't make both with the note of cheap price , At least the ps4 pushed the ram which pc still don't have not like the X1 which is less powerful and makes me feel that the console is made for kinect not the other way around..

Personally , i would pay another 600$ or even more for a huge leap . But people are to cheap when it comes to console but when it comes to tv's /smartphones ..etc they are willing to pay anything. I didn't talk about this because it's too late, this should be an advice for the ps5 not the ps4 ..