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Ryse: Son of Rome E3 Demo Features Few Scripted Moments, Final Build will be different admits Crytek

Crytek producer Michael Read admitted that Ryse: Son of Rome E3 2013 demo featured some scripted moments. He went on to revealed that Ryse: Son of Rome (final build) will be different from E3 2013 demo. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

iamnsuperman  +   459d ago
Thank god. But why show that at big event like E3? Was it meant to impress us?
edonus  +   459d ago
It did impress me and has clearly threatened the PS faithful because they have created an echo chamber to bash this game. At this point I have not seen a Ps4 game that looks as good.

And what you people expect its a demo. Did you see all the pop in in the Infamous SS gameplay? I dont think to much of it because I know these are early builds.

Right now when looking at Ryse I am impressed first and foremost by the graphics, the combat looks pretty standard to me and thats not a bad thing but it also looks like they are trying to spice it up. Like the facial expressions in the enemies faces the fluidity of the combat. To me it seems like they wanted to make the combat look like that scene in 300 where the spartans were attacking and the fight was slowing down and speeding up doing close up and camera tricks but never breaking the flow... that is pretty cool.

But the point of this comment is.... Its a 5 minute demo. Only A**holes would try to dissect it and nit pick it at this point. They are just trying to put their insurance in so they can be extra bias when the game is released and give it mediocre review scores that is all (IGN we are looking at you).
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joefrost00  +   459d ago
this let's me know people are piling on the X1 cause the stuff he mentions in the interview is in every game since the beginning of time and the fact he has to come out and say this either people are very stupid or the are just looking to hate on anything xbox
The funniest thing to me is that I heard all of this QTEs talk even after the developer said they just did it that way for the show
Add in the fact that the 2 or 3 games that were running on PC(which everyone does by the way)
Its just starting to look like people hating for the hell of it now
Its funny how all of this stuff on MS but nobody talking about the fact that Sony's two best looking games they would not let you play(INfamous and Killzone)
Not Infamous dont come out to april of next year I understand that but Killzone is a launch title come on
But MS is the one hiding something LOL
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Supermax  +   459d ago
It's impressing me that an forza look like next gen..
Mkai28  +   459d ago
I've been saying that they had all the QTEs so people can see the executions..
Moreover, looking at the comments I agree for the most part..
Vain things people say
: Looks Boring
: QTE Gasm
: Framerate drops
: muddy textures
: repetitive

Yet the game has not been completed nor has it come out..
I rarely hear any positive thing about this game. What of the over 100 executions, every AI having its own facial animation, the multiplayer, the interesting story..

Lastly, that end part of that E3 demo. When they took the tower down.. It was said that that pillar of smoke took more processing power then the 360 as a whole.
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