FIFA 14's First Touch Control being tuned

The First Touch Control system that made its debut in FIFA 13 has been tuned for this year's game, according to FIFA 14 developer Sebastian Enrique.

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pompombrum1824d ago

Well that's a relief.. either sort it or remove it imho.. players with 90+ control should be able to control a moving ball while running without too much problems.. or at the very least the ball shouldn't ping 3 yards in front of them.

I guess for fifa 15 we'll be hearing about how they are tuning all the new stuff in fifa 14 which was only half baked and not fit for retail release too.

3-4-51823d ago

I'm getting "A" soccer/football game this year.

If Fifa 14 isn't great I'll happily go buy PES.

Red_Devilz1823d ago

This is same old game with new look. Watch following if you don't agree with me.

Tip: Watch video by pausing at every half second or so between 5:03 to 5:05. They call it amazing physics whereas, it clearly shows cheap quality graphics and same old game engine.

For those unfamiliar with soccer, at 5:03 what is shown as a goal by header is actually a foul committed by player at the back since ball clearly bounces off his hand and not head.

Complete piece of turd. Nothing new except player rosters and number 14.

mcstorm1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Ive decided to give Fifa 14 a miss ill wait for 15 and carry on with 13 for 12 months on the WiiU and get NHL as not had an nhl game since NHL2K10