PS4 retro games – 10 of the best old-school titles heading to PlayStation 4

OPM: With PS4 wowing the graphics pants off all and sundry, we decided to head back to the old school (always the best school) and dig up the 10 best retro styled games heading your way in the next generation.

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CaptainYesterday1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Doki Doki Universe's art style reminds of a show I used to watch Stickin' Around, anyways can't wait to play all these especially Transistor :D

3-4-51638d ago

of those 10 only 4 appeal to me.

The good thing is, there is at least 1-2 games that will appeal to everyone, so in the end everyone wins.

Soul Saga looks like it has a lot of potential.

Scrumptious1639d ago

Galak-Z looks interesting. Really looking to see what the Super Stardust crew is up to as that is one of my favorite simple time-killers on the PS3 and looks fantastic in 3D.

KUV19771639d ago

I want a Turrican Remake - as faithfully to the original as possible.

nosferatuzodd1639d ago

I like em all it's good to have options that's the thing about Playstation
Some console only fps or kids game it sony always have a nice balance of everything

Wizziokid1639d ago

the majority of those appeal to me, I think i'm going to be exploring the indie market a lot more next gen

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